Disintegration State - new Lowering

I used smartURL for the Plasticine Pyramids LP

InterGraded used a different but very similar service for the EP release - this one - you might find it preferable, I dunno


This looks incredible - on every level it all looks really smart and professional. Well done to everyone involved!

Hoping there’ll be some of those sampler CDs left come payday.


sorry for all the link chat

but what can I say that hasn’t already been said?
Everything I’ve had a chance to listen to on DS sounds awesome and the CD looks AMAZING

absolutely this^ which has been apparent to me for years and was the driving force behind me doing the (short lived) DiSCPR podcasts a few years back (shit, that was five years ago already) - what was less apparent to me that this label now shows is just how well so many folks have been able to collaborate on art work and organising and making shit happen


really happy to be a part of it you guys, hope it gets the attention it deserves except don’t sell out of CDs before payday/save me one @McGarnagle @Twinkletoes

:heart: :loud_sound: :cd: :balloon:


Damn I wanted to say a bunch of stuff but I’ve come into work to a shitstorm this morning…

Quick version: so proud to be part of this. Big thanks to @Twinkletoes for his encouragement after I posted a couple of sketches in the share your music thread. It really drove me on to make it as good as it can be. Huge thanks to @McGarnagle for then polishing it into something I’m really proud off - that someone took the time to master multiple versions of my little tracks still seems crazy to me. And thanks to all the other artists for being so damn good and making me want to push myself to not let the side down. I get slightly confused every time I put the sampler on. “This is definitely the DiS sampler? The place I’ve been posting shit jokes for the past decade or so? That DiS?” How is it this good?!"

Also as much as now I’ve got the ep out there I’d like to act all aloof and professional the fact is I woke the gf up this morning being all, “look! I’m on Spotify! Me! On fucking Spotify!” for about 10 minutes.


off out today but looking forward to giving your release a spin when I get back :slight_smile:

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So, I just want to say that this is one of the most accomplished things to come from this community and it really shows. It feels like the culmination of those @BodyInTheThames podcasts and the share music threads and obviously the talent on the boards.

I’ll share it wide today and have podcast up later on. But it is so so so fucking good.

And apologies for saying I’d be involved but then didn’t. Not been myself. But this deserves a wide shout out.


No worries at all man :slight_smile: Your support along the way has been great, not just for this label, but for championing DiS music in general through your podcast. Super excited to listen to the podcast (as always!).


Very very very excited for all of this.

I’ve snuck some of the sampler into the office Sonos playlist, so there’s little gems of IDM in between all the Top 40 music. Let’s see if anyone notices!


:joy: lovely stuff

In a strange turn of events they actually skipped a Dua Lipa song to get to @BodyInTheThames. Promising start.


Wow, fantastic stuff from everyone involved. CD ordered, even though I’ve also gone full Theo with digital media.

Also, I’m just going to put this out there: I think The Donnas are currently between labels. Just saying.




:smiley: :smiley:

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LIke @Twinkletoes has already said - your support and waving the banner for music being made by dissers has been wonderful, and been going on for a lot longer than the likes of us Johnny-come-lately’s! Really looking forward to hearing the podcast later.

So thank you; you’re a 100% top GBOL and we all think you’re awesome.


Tbh if my stuff has made the cut on your pod and I get to hear you saying Veins Full of Static in that lovely scottish accent of yours that’ll be my absolute highlight of this whole thing so far.


You could say they did a leap-a


Also, I’d meant to prepare more stuff to say in terms of expressing gratitude and how impressed I am at the quality of the project (listening on the Bandcamp page now, planning on getting a CD ordered / possibly sorting out some way I can wear the CD case as a medallion), but the opportunity to make the god-awful wordplay above was too strong and I can no longer pretend I haven’t woken up yet.


this is amazing, i was hoping to help out with the press stuff but my heads been up my arse recently so sorry about that. BUT i will be buying this coz the cd looks amazing and sounds amazing, especially the ambient side. and ill prob buy @McGarnagle’s tape as well coz that looks lovely too :heart_eyes:


There’s always room to help whenever you feel up to it. I’m doing what I can but what I don’t know about PR could fill a reasonably sized stadium. No pressure though man, s’all good :+1: