Disintegration State - new Mute Branches ๐Ÿ˜ (oh and live night!)



aww thanks man :slight_smile:

Yeah Iโ€™m hoping to start figuring out how to sing again and write some more traditional songs for next year!


@AphexTwinkletoes Iโ€™m just listening to Postcards from Voyager now, youโ€™ve done an amazing job carving some strange and beguiling textures and tension from those simple piano pieces! :+1:


Cheers dude! Had a huge amount of fun working with the source material and Iโ€™m glad youโ€™re enjoying what Iโ€™ve done with it. Honestly think I could have done a whole album just using phrases from Dia!


yeah Dia - Suspension was really something! Piano really lends itself well to layering and complex poly-rhythms and stuff it seems


also want to thank @McGarnagle for his great work mastering, canโ€™t believe how nicely everything sits in the mix so thank you v. much for your help :slight_smile:


Sorry for not getting a show out ahead of this release. Drop two episodes this weekend is the plan. God these releases are so good.


No worries! Glad youโ€™re enjoying them :smiley:


yes thank you for listening as always :heart:


Youse made it into my New Release auto playlist, alongside CARLY RAE and Slipknot.




Heโ€™s the first track on mine, pushing Carly Rae and Little Mix way down the pecking order.


Mine too!


Take that, Dylan, ya prick!

Also your selection is the most abrasive track by quite some distance :joy: Not an advert for the EP!


The spotify algorithmโ€™s getting better at picking out the old harsh drone/noise!

Pointless fact: I sometimes refer to Bob Dylan โ€œBobby Dylansโ€ and also like to imagine him in Panto taking the roles that Bobby Davro usually plays.


Can confirm that Postcards from Voyager is great




Monday bump for these :wink:


A couple of items.

Just announced an album by Henry Courgette (@Gert)

And @McGarnagle and I are supporting the wonderful worriedaboutsatan on their London/Leeds nights respectively.


Really, really cool that you guys are doing live stuff now, feels like that is something that probably wouldnโ€™t have happened without the label?


Yeah Iโ€™m so excited for the Manchester night and then this gig!

And youโ€™re right this absolutely would not have happened without the label as a collective and the support of all you lot to get it off the ground :heart_eyes: @Elights in particular has been awesome on the live side as a source of information and inspiration.