Disintegration State - new Mute Branches ๐Ÿ˜ (oh and live night!)



Super chuffed for you guys getting the support slots! And excited for the Henry Courgette release, Qosmic Quest was my secret favourite from the compilation


Thank you for the kind words - not sure how much I did tbh, but always happy to help


Yer man @Elights with a lovely write-up in Electronic Sound magazine (thereโ€™s a lot more in the mazgazine itself but didnโ€™t want to copy wholesale)

And a reminder that heโ€™s headlining our night in Manchester :wink:


Realised this was a bit doxy - obvs itโ€™s on our twitter and heโ€™s given his name in the article but removed the big screenshot here.


No worries - my name is on the band camp page as author of the tracks. Anyone who is desperate enough to find my secret identity only needed a few clicks anywayโ€ฆ Plus I share Sunbane stuff from my personal facebook account sometimes.


Assumed as much but figured Iโ€™d double check :slight_smile:


Iโ€™ve done a video for one of the tracks on my album if any of you eyeball-having folks are interested

SFPP and other evening topics

Oh my god this is amazing! Did you do all of this yourself?


The fire extinguisher bit is incredible


Legitimately one of the best music videos Iโ€™ve ever seen


Watching it on the big telly and sound system.

This is phenomenal!


Holy shitting shit Iโ€™m gonna promote the hell out of this


this is so good, gert!


thanks for your kind words! Yeah @Bamnan itโ€™s a kitchen table messy play setup Iโ€™ve got going.


itโ€™s an amazing work of art and you should be very proud.


As late as this afternoon I honestly believed I never needed to see an end-of-Space:2001-esque psychedelic space sequence created largely using flying saucer sweets.

What a fool I was.


What a qrazy adventure! Qant wait to hear/see more!


Just came here to say I got both bammerโ€™s solo and aphex / bammerโ€™s collab on my Spotify release radar thing today :grin::grin::grin:


Yes! Enjoy :slight_smile:


FAO @Bamnan youโ€™re on Dutch radio now!