Disintegration State - new Mute Branches ๐Ÿ˜ (oh and live night!)



Bam International! :sunglasses:


woah! Iโ€™m a superstar :smiley:


Reception to this album has been deservedly excellent and very heart-warming!


yeah definitely. Iโ€™ve been bracing myself for a real scathing review but so far so good


Guys you are all doing an amazing job! I will be getting back on this call as soon as I can! :grinning:
Well done all! :heart:


For a second I thought thereโ€™d been some very huge Bammer news that Iโ€™d missed


well I kinda look like Richard D James when I have my ponytail going apparently


Come on you (redacted), letโ€™s have some Bamnan acid


this is brilliant


Edit: Whoops! Meant for the private dis state chat!


Are any of you label people Leader level? If so you can adjust the thread title and do maybe keep it up to date with whatever the latest release etc is being discussed when adding content.

If no label guys are leaders then I can make some. I assume itโ€™s @McGarnagle and @AphexTwinkletoes for sure but no idea who else is involved.


Thatโ€™d be ace, cheers Theo!

I donโ€™t think any of us are โ€œleaderโ€ level. If you could make @AphexTwinkletoes and I leaders thatโ€™d be a big help and a great start!


Okay sure, done



Our halloween album is now on the spotify and other streaming services. Spooky tunes!


WOW would definitely watch a feature length version of this ^^^ - Absolutely awesome trackโ€™nโ€™visuals!


Holy spaceman! Weโ€™ve just put out an album of space-jazz-tronica by @Gert. This is one Iโ€™ve been excited about for a while and itโ€™s a proper cosmic journey of warm synths and bubbling rhythms as he soundtracks the adventures of Qaptain Qoulshed.

Also, check out his incredible stop-motion video if you havenโ€™t already


Looking forward to hearing the whole thing later today. That video is so ridiculously charming.


Really enjoying this - it makes space travel seem like a really chilled, lovely time. I think Iโ€™m gonna fire up Elite:Dangerous and listen to it while pottering about between the stars. Which might sound like faint praise but I really bloody love doing that and I reckon this will make an ideal soundtrack.


What I really love about this record is just how much @Gert is totally out doing his own thing. Thereโ€™s so many brilliant songwriting, melodic and production touches and it all adds up to a really warm, welcoming and totally unique vibe.

And the synth on Quietude is the squelchiest, squishiest thing Iโ€™ve heard in a long time. Super gooey.