Disintegration State - new Mute Branches ๐Ÿ˜ (oh and live night!)



I didnโ€™t think Iโ€™d ever make a banger. This is a proud moment for me.


Chilling out after school to cinder and bone. Thoughts -

Initially read the title as cider and bone which would have been A VERY different record.

The first track gave me flashbacks to playground duty. Cheers for that.

Thereafter itโ€™s been wonderful. Having enough space to get lost in but enough going on for it not to get stale is such a tricky thing to pull off on a record like this and you manage it wonderfully.


Haha! Sorry man - I was trying to recreate the memory of waking up at noon after a heavy night on red wine when there were kids playing out in the field across from my flat. That feeling of being completely out of step with a world drifting on by without you. As you do.

Thanks for the kind words, the reception itโ€™s got on here has been incredibly heartwarming.


I have only one fully functioning ear but the right channel is sounding fierce so far, @colossalhorse


Itโ€™s reminding me a bit of break times during my old primary school days, during a grey day. There was a weird shipping container that was always cool to hide round the back of


I suggest listening on headphones all the way through, then swapping the right and left headphones over and re-listening. That will give you the full VFoS experience.


(can I also be extremely self-indulgent and wanky and say that reading the description on the Bandcamp page makes it sound like a thematic cousin to my album)


For the full VFOS experience I recommend being a little too drunk laying on your sofa while a cat sits on your chest and looks disdainfully at the noise leaking from your headphones.


(Itโ€™s a pretty wanky bandcamp description tbf. I hope to hear that soon - if I have one criticism of our labels output this year itโ€™d be โ€˜not enough Mute Branches.โ€™

Also drunk hermit ambient is the new punk pass it on. )



Breaking News on Pitchfork: Disintegration State Artists Ignite Feud Over Who Can Write The Wankiest Description


the way the rhythms work against the swelling swirling sounds underneath on โ€˜Throwing Hexesโ€™ is evoking the tone of Succour by Seefeel, but more kind of โ€œfluidโ€ and like youโ€™re sinking into a weird TV snow world


Oh shit son, you best not step to me in a wank-off.

No, wait, let me rephrase thatโ€ฆ


Disintegrated Kleenex (DS069)


Iโ€™m on the last track now. This is great; one of those ambient-ish tracks I love where it has what you and all your pals love about ambient music (the lingering within a certain mood) and yet at the same time a very perceivable sense of progression, with neither of 'em contradicting one another

smashing ay it like


also mad flange there


See reading that makes it sound like something I absolutely want to listen to. It being about my little song is bizarre.


Did the spoken word thing make any sense at all? That was a last minute inclusion and Iโ€™m really not sure it needed to be there.


It worked for me. (Couldnโ€™t make out what it was, possibly in part bc of this ear). Reminded me a bit of Burial, or more specifically that same sorta club sounds + isolation tone. It felt like a suitable addition either way, like suitably weird to hear a human voice


Can confirm @manches-bruteโ€™s forthcoming album is absolutely ace.


Yeah I think my urge to mask my voice made it hard to pick out any words. Probably should have waited until I had a better mic before I tried that as well tbfโ€ฆ

I thought this was the label group chat as well. Rampant public self indulgence/self doubt is the mark of a Cool and Interesting guy right? Right.