Disintegration State - new Mute Branches ๐Ÿ˜ (oh and live night!)



@Bamnan Just wanted to say that I listened to Io just now and itโ€™s sort of blown me away. Makes me think of some middle ground between a cleaned up 65dos, Tortoise and the jazzier end of some math rock. Pretty stunning man


aw thanks very much :blush:

I was kinda thinking on the lines of Tortoise with the drums and bassline on that one.

Listening back with some distance now gotta be honest I donโ€™t know how I pulled that EP off as I donโ€™t really play piano! The little fluttery bit at around 1:10 is maybe my favourite section Iโ€™ve ever wrote.


Thereโ€™s so much to unpack - lotโ€™s of little details.


gonna listen to this @manches-brute release now and โ€œliveblogโ€ my thoughts or whatever you kids call it.


Acceleration pact

Very interesting and tension building start with the delayed synth there. Sounds like a spooky graveyard in a Castlevania game or something, some evil spell has been cast at any rate!

Love the pulsing beat thatโ€™s been introduced gives the whole thing an uneasy drunken kinda sway which contrasts nicely with the calming layers of guitar(?) arpeggios that are lulling me into a dreamlike state.

Feels like some ancient bells are chiming in the background here with the unsettling de-tuned notes around the 3:30 mark.

Dense track and harmonically complex but very elegantly constructed!


Zoner I

Nice climbing melody on the guitar here, still feels like we are in a hazy dream but the tension built up over the last 5 minutes has settled somewhat.

Love what I think are the slow reversed guitars in the background that sound almost like synth pads adding depth and richness.

Stripped back at around 2:30 now almost reminds me of early Low albums where the sound of the squeaking on the fretboard is almost as important and vital as the chords. Lots of room to breathe!

Existing now in that lovely space between major and minor where all good feelings are made.

Drums are picking up now rousing the track from itโ€™s slumber and bringing urgency to the melody.

Synths adding an almost choral line here towards the end of the track as if heading into the light!


That fretboard sound is wondeful aye. Lovely attention to detail


Nightspot Pigeon Toilet

Some unsettling glitched beats and granular static give this a purposeful swagger as feedback and melody merge, twangs and pings fire off above the beats like unholy fireworks into the sky.


Gutterclog Economics

Love the rising bloops and blips here that are encased in little jackets of noise. Yummy, crunchy!

Feels like a colony of ant skittering in an underground nest.

A mournful synth line rises as a deep and guttural bass underpins the track and grounds the spiralling textured beats, gluing everything together.


The Sunken Restaurant

Feels fitting to the name right from the start, a murky blue-green haze evokes feelings of being deep under the ocean.

Lovely fragile call and response between a sine-wavey xylophone type sound and a breathy pulsing synth makes me think of dolphins communicating through sonar, dipping in and out of a rusted shipโ€™s canteen.


Zoner II

Languid licks on the guitar sound in the distance bringing us back to the surface or perhaps waking us gently from the dream established in itโ€™s namesake.

Nice interplay here between the reverb coated electric and a more direct bass in itโ€™s higher octaves(?).

Hushed beats creep in around 3mins and mix with fuzzy noise adding further texture.

stretchy notes on the guitar call out like horns blasting from ghosts of old steamships.

A pounding bassdrum and slow steady bassline propel us forward into beautiful washes of feedback and sirens. Feel the dream is returning or perhaps a nightmare as the urgency and spikeyness of the feedback increases to a crescendo.

A calm emerges at 9:30 as the drums give way to phasing swirls of noise and reverb.

Totally otherworldly! :heart_eyes:


This Used

Back underwater now as the melodies swim all around us. Deep rumbles mix with sharp ringing as we are dragged deeper down towards the seabed. Distant calls from life above us emerge and are silenced.


This was a spectacular listen. Really such an atmospheric and slightly unsettling album where everything felt like it was telling a story and was part of a cohesive whole.

Thanks @manches-brute for the wonderful music!


This is so fucking great.


Can I just that you guys have dingle handedly made me want the MG to be better. If this community can create such awesome music, then I thought I need to showcase it and the pod is hopefully doing it, and will do some more work in the rest of this year.

Love this so much.


My new favourite euphemism.

Cheers buddy. Psyched for all the new MG content :slight_smile:


FAO @manches-brute. Lovely review here which seems to really connect with your vision for the music.



Cripes on toast, @Bamnan! That was incredible and incredibly flattering to read. I feel like I should print out that post chain and get it framed somewhere


I particularly like how straight-facedly they write โ€˜Nightspot Pigeon Toiletโ€™. Also mentioning that thereโ€™s something that sounds like birds in there, which I hadnโ€™t actually spotted myself until more or less just now


Yep thereโ€™s something wonderful about that