Disintegration State - new Steve H / Sunbane 😍


Is that mastered and done? If so I’m going to have to commandeer a copy. For, uh, promo purposes…


I also require a copy for promotional purposes, being an important promo…type guy :female_detective:


Yep! Just waiting for Roscoe and Marlon to confirm their availability for the record cover photo shoot.


I can confirm @flashinglight is absolutely vital to our relentless PR drive.


She’s 100% an honorary label-mate


Hello folks!

I’m thinking of getting some Adventsong t-shirts printed for the gig in February, but wanted to get some thoughts from you (by way of some really exciting polls) before I go ahead.

I’m thinking either a large design, or a small one where a breast pocket would go (but without a pocket), and either white on black, black on white, or light blue on navy blue.

  • I would consider buying a t-shirt (either at the show or at some point online)
  • fo,m your t-shirts are rubbish

0 voters

  • Large design
  • Small design

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  • Black design, white t-shirt
  • Light blue design, navy blue t-shirt
  • White design, black t-shirt

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Then would be good to get an idea of sizes…

  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • XXL

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And what you’d be happy to spend. They’d likely be a bog standard Gildan softstyle t-shirt, I’ve got a FOTL one which feels decent enough so going off that!

  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20

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Disintegration State plays live - Feb 16th - Manchester - Peer Hat - MME Meat
Do band t-shirts disappear?

£15 max if it’s nice quality tee. Otherwise, a tenner. Nice design, but there are enough non-colour tees in this world.

Early Calvin knew the score.

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A few things.

50% off all digital releases on bandcamp until midnight on Tuesday if you enter ‘winter’ at checkout.

Remixes of Sunbane’s The Alchemist out on Friday - original track is an unmitigated banger and it’s been taken in some cool new directions.

And a bump for tix to the live night in Manc on Feb 16th. Fewer than 1000 tickets left for sale according to our pal Threatin :wink:


discount doesnt seem to be working on the VFOS tape/


I think it shouldn’t work for merch? Not entirely clear from the Bandcamp interface though


oh fair enough!


I dunno - if I try to set up a code for a single merch item the only ones available are for the two compilations


also @colossalhorse this tiny dog sat up and took notice when i started playing the first track and its lulled her back to sleep now :ok_hand: sold


I guess I’d need to do something with is as it’s set to give all the money to me rather than the label?

Oh, @andyvine has already bought it at full price like the legend he is. Cheers! I hope the more lively tracks don’t wake the tiny dog up. He looks so peaceful :hearts:

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That’d do it I think. Don’t think there’s any need to given the current model of self-funding on the physical releases. We would just be transferring straight back to you anyway.

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thought it might be that. not arsed tho, was going to buy it anyway, just this gave me the nudge


We’ve really buried the lead here with some scintillating chat on the technicalities of bandcamp :grinning:


Yeah that’s what I figured. Being the shit hot businessman I am I think if I sell all my tapes I’ll be just under £2 up, which doesn’t leave much margins for discounts. Not that I’m expecting to shift all of them mind.

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Usual DiS State representation in this week’s MG. Coming up later tonight.


Psyched for you to listen to the Alchemist remixes

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