Disintegration State plays live - Feb 16th - Manchester - Peer Hat - MME Meat


Sounds like a great meet up. All the talent the Disintegration State crew has you will kill it. Let me know when you come to the States! Live stream or sbd record that shit!


just bought a ticket for this. it better be fucking good, lads


If anyone else needs a couch or more likely a bed (as my housemates are never all in) then HMU


:smiley: yay Jamos





Gonna get my ticket tonight


This is what we done this year:

Thanks for the support everyone - you’re all bloody lovely!


looks incredible with them all together :grin::+1:


how 'bout that aesthetic, tho




Imagine what we’re gonna put out in the next year!


I’ve had a few Disintegration State tracks pop up on my best of 2018 playlist tonight and they sound amazing. I’m obvs a bit biased but god damn. It’s been a privilege to take this ride with these guys.


Just over a month until the event of the year


Exactly a month to go. Super excited!

You’ll be able to buy tickets on the door but advanced sales help tremendously.

You can also tell RA you’re going



The Glasgow crew are working out logistics. Any lines an a good place for beds or what not?


My friend was just telling me on holiday last week that she’s been listening to lots more ambient stuff recently, so I’ve now linked her to the Disintegration State bandcamp, @sheeldz podcast and An Taobh Tuathail! :smiley:


Pint earned. Congratulations.


I booked a room at the Premier Inn nearby - Not sure how the prices are now, but it was pretty reasonable when I did it, plus you know what you’re getting with a premier inn.

If you go with that option, try searching for discount codes and stuff - that can knock a bit off the price too.


Aye cheers, good shout