DiSisms – A wiki post 🤓

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The DiS community has been going strong for many (!!!) years, and as with any other community we’ve ended up with our fair share of in-jokes, tribe language and references that in its nature won’t be easy for any newcomers to interpret. Or some long-time posters will just have missed a thread where a specific joke was made that stuck around, and be none the wiser but not wanting to ask, etc. This thread is meant as a way to demystify some of the internal language for new and older users alike.

This post is a wiki post, which means that anyone with Trust Level 2 and up can edit in their own contributions! However, please do consider if a certain favourite joke of yours is really something that the whole community should know about, or if it’s only funny for you and one other poster, or if it was really funny but was only used three times back in 2013.
PS: Wonder what Trust Levels are and how they work? Click here!

Please also consider whether the inclusion of a specific joke might be unpleasant for any other DiS user that might be involved in the joke or similar.


  • AQOS = A Quiz of Sorts. Immensely popular, immensely controversial DiS quiz, which resurfaces from time to time.
  • CWBAFT = Chance would be a fine thing.
  • SOAWJO = Slices of apple with jam on. A thoughtful welcoming gift one might offer to one’s new neighbour. Based on a true and absurd story.
  • SSP = Safe Space Policy. A way to define a specific thread as a serious thread where extra care should be taken to make everyone feel safe and welcome, before we had the Serious Matters sub-forum.
  • PCBE = post can’t be empty, which is what the site will tell you if you for example try to post a quote from someone else without adding a comment.
  • FTFY = fixed that for you. Often used for humourous edits of quotes from other posters and similar.
  • DKWYA,P = “Don’t know who you are, pal.” When someone is so much cooler than the rest of us that they don’t even know who the person they’re interacting with really is.
  • HGATR = How Good Are They Really? Variants include HGIIR (How good is it really), HFWIR (How fun…), and more. Popular threads for rating bands/artists, games, tv shows, and more.
  • ATD = all-time dogs. Your best mates, your ride or dies, but for indie nerds.
  • GBOL = great bunch of lads (L is likely to be replaced with other letters such as B for babies etc)
  • FO,M = fuck off, mate
  • TV = Stands for “Thinly Veiled” and has come to be an abbreviation for someone’s partner/spouse/better half/etc. Started with frequent accusations that various community members only posted a certain thing as a thinly veiled boast about having a girlfriend/boyfriend/partner/etc.
  • SFPP = Standard Friday Pizza Protocol. We do love our pizza.
  • LME = London Metropolitan Elite, refers to community members based in the big smoke
  • MME = Manchester Metropolitan Elite, non-union mancunian equivalent of the above
  • GYT = Glasgow Young Team, community members based in Glasgow

Other phrases

  • Le tournoi: When two posters make the same point/post at the same time. If you see anything that looks like “Le ____oi”, it will be a variation of this one.
  • Put it in a bowl of rice: The magic trick that fixes EVERYTHING, not just phones you dropped in water.
  • Have you tried the post office?: Similarly, the Post Office can help you with ANYTHING.
  • Abandon reply: On an older version of the boards, if you started typing out a post and then clicked cancel, the site would ask you if you were sure that you wanted to “abandon reply”. This has since been used as a joke for when you want to post something that you know would be inappropriate (but light-hearted!).
  • Geography week: Every week is geography week, at least according to some DiS users.
  • Wolfcastle: “That was the joke”. One of many, many Simpsons references.
  • Anglos a Sunday: Standard DiS Sunday greeting. One DiS user tried to type “I hope you’re all having as good a Sunday as [some lovely squirrels I saw]” but for some reason her autocorrect replaced it with “Anglos a Sunday”.
  • sheeldz’d it: Specific to Nintendo Switch based threads, it references when a player misses something obvious from a game. Spawned from when user @sheeldz managed to miss the clothes at the start of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and played with Link naked for the first ten hours.
  • JAG: From memory, a long, long time ago someone from a band called JAG signed up to DiS a tried to promote their band by saying he’d just discovered this great new band we should check out. It was pretty obvious that he was a member of the band. It’s basically used to show the person posting is talking about their own work or band.

cringing my tits off (CMTO)

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Literally never heard this used, might take it up though

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We as a community must be able to make this happen.

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Be fun if there was some kind of Lego/Le Tournoi crossover imo.


Nice one @Jamos

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As a relatively new member of the GYT, (only 6 years lol) may I ask why we’re called that?

Probably something Mogwai related


If you need to ask youre not a part of it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Toon Tongs Ya Bas

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Happy for this thread to also be a place for people to ask about phrases/abbreviations etc that they don’t understand, by the way :blush:


I hadn’t realised it was sectarian (but it’s Glasgow…) and have always taken it as a regional synonym for a gang (with a name).

I don’t think it is exclusively. As in, I don’t believe that the gang term “young team” is, but certainly the gangs could be.


That makes sense.

It’s strange that Urban Dictionary might not be able to communicate the nuances of gang religious affiliation. They’re normally such a reliable resource.


jag - a post in the music boards planted to promote a particular band or artist (usually by the said artist’s super cool ‘social media team’)


Can’t believe I forgot!


ice cold pint - a Covid vaccine (or maybe an actual pint)

You can all edit these directly into the OP! :grin:

properly sheeldz’d it m8 :wink: