DiSisms irl part 23


In a meeting with a digital marketing company earlier, facebook came up in conversations to which i said without really thinking ‘i’m not even even on facebook!’ rather than the more socially acceptable ‘im not on facebook’

anyone used a disism irl of late

Wednesday's DiSer is full of woe


typo, i didn’t say ‘even even’ although now i wish i had


I’m not even even on ruddy, bloody, gruddy facebook


don’t think i’ve ever used a disism on dis


how odd


I’ve started pretending Birds “Weird things” questions have happened to me to girls I’m trying to chat up. I did try my own the other day and ask a girl if any of her bosses had killed themselves. Kind of worked :confused:


Oh shit I told my girlfriend I might have a Jazz nap last sunday. Fuck’s sake


Spotted in Lisbon airport.



Great place to spend the beer tokens


Told my wife Bournemouth’s wig had fallen off when we were losing to Everton. She didn’t get it and asked me to stop repeating it


I keep seeing this parked up everywhere: