🎅 🎄 DiSmas Secret Santa III: OPENING THREAD 🎁 🎅

Postman’s just been…still no parcel :cry:

Or @Scout obviously


You forgot to conceal your address!!!


it fits!

never been in the secret santa threads before

then last night Who DiS was put on the table and i realised that i was idiot haha

keen for next year :grin::+1:


Apologies to my Santa. I wasn’t able to go to the depot last night. I’ve come down with a cold and wasn’t feeling well enough.

My package contains two mysterious items.

No ideas there. But this second one has a more solveable clue. Perhaps my new career as god tier drummer has been noted.

Let’s see…

Almond Croissants! My Santa has heard about my penchant for these. :smile:

And yes, some assistance for my journey to the drumming hall of fame.

Thanks Santa and sorry about the wait.

Merry Dismas every one.


I can report that the Croissants are very good!


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Also just want to say a massive thanks to Father DiSmas himself, @japes, for organising all of this and being such a great Santa! :santa: :christmas_tree:


Oh. I haven’t a Scoobie as to who these might be from.

Except that they’re male.


^this. Thank you so much @japes we love you!

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Was it yours Japester?

twas not

U cant open it. Ita not the morning of the 21sr


What can I say? I’m a rule breaker
A maverick if you will.

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No apologies necessary, saps. Glad you liked them (and that the croissants arrived in one piece). After the Whiplash pic idea, I was a bit stuck how to hint at almond croissants until I realised “Hang on, what if the lead singer of Soft Cell is thinking about the middle of a popular bakery item?”


Hello Santa. You made me do a proper belly laugh when I opened this lot yesterday. Work got in the way of posting this on Saturday, though, so here goes.
The parcel (both that and my hands are normal size, thanks for asking.):

The presents (lovely wrapping, btw):

And inside was first this…

and what would an aviary be without

The Puffins supporting Teenage Fanclub, (Electric Ballroom, £25+fees)

I have no idea who this is all from, but thank you. Hope your DiSmas is at least as good as mine.


It wasn’t me
Posted mine ages ago but it seems like its still not arrived :persevere:

Hi there! :wave:

Merry DiSmas @GarethI! :santa:


Thanks a bunch Garethi.

Sustenance and instruction will enable me to become the drummer Norwich has never known it needs.

Have a great one.

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