🎅🎄 DiSmas SECRET SANTA V: Opening Thread 🎁 🎅

SO GLAD it FINALLY arrived! I posted it 11th December and the tracking didn’t update since 15th December until last week. I assumed it was lost in the post never to be seen again so am v v happy it finally arrived :slight_smile:


Seeing how much effort went into it, so I am!


We got some parcels sent before Christmas this week. Apparently the Enfield sorting office has had loads of 'rona and had piles of post from December just sitting there.

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Hopefully that will be it! It’s on its way to me :sweat_smile: My Nan only just got my Christmas card last week and I posted it on 16th December!

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yeah my granny’s xmas card was late and i got so much shit for it

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I think mine may get returned to sender. So sorry… Circumstances :pensive:

FWIW, our post’s been a bit hit and miss for a while too, which would match if they’ve pooled staff - we’re the next sorting office across.


Well what’s this then??!!!
So excited I got a package!!

The wrapping paper is obviously very very up my street!

Merry Christmas from Norway…hmm who could that be! :thinking:

Wow!! What a haul! I love all of this especially the reflective knitting :yarn: and the glitter!

I think there’s only one person this could be!! @whiterussian !! Thank you so much :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:
Sorry for moaning about it not arriving but now I understand as it came from literally another country!! I love the stamps too. All very exciting! Thank you xxxx

What is the yellow heart? Is it for pressing onto biscuits?


oh my god is that eggnog tea?!!


Yes!!! I’m so excited to try!!


What’s the bottle with red stuff?


Just had a email to tell me that the main present has been further delayed

YES! So happy it finally reached you :sweat_smile: Was tempted yesterday to tell you it was me and was debating how long to wait. Hope you enjoy the various stuff!

It’s a waffle heart, from Norwegian Waffle fame:

Obviously not quite as edible, but yours is for placing hot mugs etc on! The reflector is extremely nordic as well, we need extra help being seen when we’re out and about in the winter months to avoid car crashes etc because it’s so dark :upside_down_face:

Also quite relieved the glitter stayed in its container rather than going everywhere.


I don’t remember the stamps, what were they!?

Could also use the heart to make really lovely but very small ice cubes

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