🎅 🎄 DiSmas Secret Santa with a Vengeance: SIGNUP THREAD 🎁 🎅

HO HO HO Merry… November

Drowned in Sound Secret Santa is back for the third year! Hopefully you aren’t all burnt out on raffle based gift posting activities (as if you could be :upside_down_face:) Last year’s santa was brilliant so here’s hoping we can get even more dissers involved. If you have entered before you know how it works and if you haven’t then JOIN IN!

it works the same as your office secret santa; everyone who wants to take part gets their name put into a hat. each person draws a name (I’ll do that for you) and you then have to buy a present for that person! you post the gift out to your allocated disser then wait to receive a present from your allocated secret santa. once it gets nearer to christmas, we open them all together and try to guess who our santa was! look how much fun we had last time:

a few things to note before you sign up:
you will have to give out your address: this will only be seen by me and whoever your secret santa is, not posted on the forum.
you don’t have to give out your irl name if you don’t want to, but then your username will be written on the gift. up to you.
IT IS RANDOM: you have no say in what disser you have to buy a present for, and no say in what disser buys a present for you. if you are unhappy about that, do not sign up. I am not swapping names if you get someone you don’t know etc
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE : do not sign up if you think you may forget / decide not to play. this will mean some poor disser won’t get their present :crying_cat_face: (also I can’t do anything about this so bear it in mind)
but that won’t happen because we’re all lovely people! yay!
there is no budget cap for gifts, but not more than £5 is suggested

EVERYONE IS ENCOURAGED! you don’t have to have a huge post count to join in!

so…how to play?
if you want to join in, just send me a PM with your name and address. there is a one-week signup window to give people plenty of time to join in (ie before 26th November) once I have everyone’s name, I’ll send you out a PM with your selected disser & instructions.


that’s it for now!



IN :+1:



Might read last year’s opening thread with my next cup of tea as a treat


hello yes

Not done it before, but I am kris krINgle

just quoting that bit again since i know none of you will actually read the OP


YES. I am going to do this.

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Here it is if anyone wants to relive the joy:


i mean i did put that exact link in the OP


OH MY GOD it is literally in the OP



Oh man, last year’s awesome confusion over my box with ZERO postage on it. Lovely shit. Still use that mug @laelfy.



One of my favourite DiS mysteries, that

This thread has reminded me that I have Christmas bedding somewhere…


Cannot wait, love DiSmas sooo much.

My socks from @shrewbie are still my favourite :heart:

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grINch (except I :heart: dismas)


In. Obviously in

just got to the bit in the old thread where emo got a DiS-themed calendar :joy:


:christmas_tree::christmas_tree: jINgle all the way :christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

That was quality present-ing