Disney takeover of Fox


Looking forward to the mcu/Spider-Man/x-men/fantastic four/Star Wars/ducktales universe

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Deus ex Scrooge McDuck for all the Avengers movies :pray:


Pretty nuts this. The Murdochs are set up to be a dynastyic family for a couple of centuries eh? In 2200 people will be freaking their nut that one aussie bloke controlled so much of the worlds news and have loads of conspiracy theories like the Rothschilds have now.


Disney bear thinking about, does it?



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Marge as C3PO is disturbing.

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Surely the second one is the most disturbing, what with the twisted level of inter-familial relations it implies.


legit excited about the implications for the MCU, sorry if that makes me a capitalist scumbag


Chump change.

Spend your whole life grafting and profiting from nefarious and amoral business dealings to end up with a 4.5% stake in Disney, the entertainment powerhouse.

Murdoch achieved more than most. However, his career might be the best metaphor for the pointlessness, corruption and waste inherent in capitalism.

is that how you do a hot take?

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I say, let 'em crash!

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Yup X-Men and the FF in the MCU is very exciting. Genuinely.

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The Last Jedi spoilers:

Rey actually recreates that first clip!

Apparently some no mark company still owns the rights to fantastic four, fox just had a deal with them, guess it will get ironed out eventually but would like it if they held out and made some real art house version or something

Yeah I saw that but apparently it does include FF after all

(tbh this is a clickbait site that yesterday was saying about FF rights not being included but I imagine Disney would make sure they got them)

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I dunno. The thing about the x-men is that they are a persecuted minority, how will that fit in the MCU when you have mangods and aliens pissing around too. Do the comics deal with this?

would really love it if they kept them somewhat separate tbh. as someone mentioned in the marvel films thread, it makes no sense for the x-men and the avengers to exist in the same universe and still keep all the x-men themes about mutants being distrusted and oppressed