Disney takeover of Fox


Yeah, they do, and they make it work in the comics so I’m not worried. The whole thing is all suspension of disbelief anyway. The Marvels mini series (Marvels - Wikipedia) which is the rise of super heroes through the eyes of a reporter from WWII to the 60’s etc touches on it quite well. It’s been a while since I’ve read it but it’s basically mutants are dangerous and uncontrolled and could be living next door (and Magneto’s terrorist attacks are the first people see of them) while the other heroes are more ‘official’ and much fewer of them.

this is making me really want to re-read the House Of M/Decimation stuff

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Literally no idea what this means

Do you reckon fascist shit stirring news fits in with their generally fuzzy image?

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Here’s to all media being neo-fascist!

Fox News, Business Network & Sport Media Group aren’t part of the Disney deal apparently.

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That’s a relief

Are they not selling up so the monopolies people don’t object to them buying CNN?

Not having it that Rupey’s just woke up one day and decided to knock the quest for world domination on the head.

Can’t wait for my favourite superheroes to make wise cracks at each other though

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Can’t wait for the JJ Abrams reboot of the Simpsons


It’ll start with a next-generation Simpsons family, but then just rehash the plots from the first 8 seasons (but with better animation and Apu isn’t racist anymore).


and lens flare.

The reason no one’s made a good Fantastic Four movie isn’t because of Fox, it’s because the Fantastic Four are just a bit shit.

And yes, I know The Incredibles is a great FF movie, but that only works because it’s a cartoon. You can get away with hammy shit like “stretchy person” and “invisible power” in a cartoon.

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Not bothered about realism, it’s just way more interesting.

does this mean glenn beck isn’t going to be part of the mcu

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but in the list of superpowers, it’s just above ‘speed knitting’. No kid grows up wanting to be Mr Fantastic, do they.

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And as well all know, “speed knitting” is above “Man who can fly, shoot laserbeams out of his eyes, is fast enough that his momentum can cause the earth’s spin to change speed and strong enough to lift anything man has ever built, yet is vulnerable only to a mineral found in abundance only on his home planet.”

(what I’m saying @xylo, is no matter how bad F4 are, they’re still better than Superman.)


A lot of superheroes don’t have any powers anyway, they’re just ‘man with suit made of improbable material’ (and on the other end of the scale, overpowered characters who are basically completely invulnerable are the least interesting of all).