How long before they own literally everything then?

Just bought 21st Century Fox to go along with Marvel, Star Wars and all their existing IP

Won’t be long before they get Netflix as well maybe?


Simpsons / Muppet Babies crossover on the way


Disney Life is pretty great, lot of quality content for £5 a month.

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bing sings and walt disney

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Load of shite


best of the evil corporations by miles tbh



(took me ages to think of that)

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Also, I’m not particularly into Star Wars but given they’ve turned Avatar into an impressive interactive experience, I’d be well up for trying this:



I am so, so, so up for this. I wish it was in the UK.


Seriously, I don’t give a shit about Avatar because I’m a normal human, but the ride at Animal Kingdom was absolutely mindblowing. What they do with their parks makes Alton Towers look like a fucking travelling fun fair that smells of diesel.


been waiting for this to be finished before i visit the park. i’m a theme park freak but have been holding out until this is ready

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btw also fucking love most disney films. if you put a talking animal in cgi, i am probably going to watch your movie


Yeah, I heard that about the Avatar thing as well.

The Star Wars thing is going to be completely immersive as well right? Like you’ll have your own character and people will interact with you throughout the park based on things you’ve done and decisions you’ve made. Sounds so fucking great.

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how long before they announce Avengers v X-Men


Great, now I need to go to the worst place on earth. Thanks a bunch.


It’s going to be so insanely busy but I trust them to manage it. The parks are so good. Going to go back in a few years for sure.

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gonna be hitting eurodisney like a goddamn sledgehammer for my 35th in June