Enjoyed this in the comments:


Why does Simba, the largest predator, not simply eat Timon and Pumba?


meh. they panned aladdin, that’s about to hit a billion. it suggests there’s a fucking ginormous receptive market for these movies. idk. i think the core thing about all of these remakes (and also the star wars new films) are that they’re being reviewed by 30 year olds who will never except someone messing with their nostalgia.

Yeah - though The AV Club is pretty awful these days

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that website was loads better before they redesigned it and made it impossible to find reviews

That too, but it’s also just shit in general now

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can’t find any reviews so I’ve not been able to find out.


Woah just saw a clip on Facebook of the lion king and there’s 0 connection between the animals faces and their voices. So weird.


Always love seeing him pop up in credits for animal or monster noises.

A lot of them are actual roles but he has over 800 acting credits on IMDb!

Yeah, he’s the Cave of Wonders voice in the live-action Aladdin

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the lion would eat the wart hog. 1/5

Disney: How about a pointless cash-in?
Audiences: Yes please!

just found out what collider is and watched the hilarious meltdown video, sums up fandom quite neatly for me tbh lol

Looks like they’re doing a remake of Home Alone (among other things) then…

Reckon the backlash might actually be loud enough for them to have second thoughts this time


They made a tonne of DTV Home Alone “sequels” that may as well have been reboots (new cast, new setting, same premise), so it doesn’t surprise me that they’d go back to the same trough.

If they’re properly doing a beat-for-beat remake of the original then they’ll have to work very hard to overcome the central set-up that it’s somehow impossible to contact Kevin because the phones are down and their neighbours are on holiday.

interested to see where they take the home alone franchise