I’m sure I have much more objectionable Pixar takes if you still want to throw down? :wink:

Probably quite a large Disney fan/cyclist crossover

I thought Thor 2 was quite fun.


This may have been posted elsewhere, but I couldn’t find it. Anyway, Disney are being shits, over what is, to them, very little money, and are trying to establish a precedent that could screw over so many writers


Yeah disturbing as fuck.

Extra awful when you remember they’ve always fought to keep copyright laws as draconian as possible, getting the length after death extended via lobbying to protect their assets, and also very firmly enforcing copyright infringement.

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This happens during The Mandalorian whenever there is a shoot-out. So bizarre - I have to skip it back 10 or 20 seconds, then it seems OK.

Needs more Robin Hood :slight_smile:

Haven’t seen it and wanna watch it next but MiniWza is stubborn.


Break through that force field, my friend :slight_smile:

Actually did on Sunday. Got half way through. It’s a start.