I googled it and it turns out this has been a known issue on PS4 since US launch, so far Disney have tried to blame it on Sony, then posted and taken down a fix which didn’t work. At least I seem to have a mild version of it, lots of people complain it properly fucks them up and makes thing unwatchable (maybe at slower internet speeds).

The recording of Hamilton is a step in the right direction in terms of original content… But Broadway bootlegs are so widely watched online that it’s not really that exciting to people with even a casual interest.

You should definitely watch Hamilton it’s really really good.

I’m using the Amazon Fire stick app, I think a recent update improved tbf, was really annoying before.

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I saw somebody on Reddit said when he emailed Disney about it they p much told him to get a fire stick instead. The lad was fuming.

i’ve seen it live!

yep, on ps4

Ok Disney giving the people want they want here

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Y’all know about this blog?

More of a Disney geek-out than I care for, but might be of interest to some here.

Came across it when googling something after watching 101 Dalmatians, which we watched for the first time yesterday. Quite liked it, tbftbh.

This is MiniWza’s collection. (Non-Disney stuff robbed from her mum and dad.)

MsWza nabbed a job lot from eBay. I expect there’ll be more where that came from now Disney+ exists. Has so far seen Frozen (the first film she ever sat through in a single sitting, has seen multiple times now, and is full fangirl), Jungle Book (seen a few times, good songs that get recited plenty), Ratatouille (seen a couple of times), Tinkerbell (a couple of times also, not pictured, dunno where it’s gone, it’s ok, but clearly not top division stuff), Aristocrats (seen once, is ok), Aladdin (seen once, a bit boring, in my opinion) and Tangled (seen once, a bit dark on-screen and story-wise, can see why it’s a PG). Not particularly looking forward to any of the others on the right hand side. Trying to nudge towards Up or Inside Out. Off topic, Penguins of Madagascar and Minions on Netflix went down quite well.

Up is bollocks, and quite dull for kids imo.

101 Dalmations is really underrated, some of the backgrounds in the wintry landscape are just stunning


Yeah, somewhat agree. The first ten minutes is really nice then ridiculously sad, then the rest of the film is basically gubbins.


Love 101 Dalmations but it makes me want a cigarette really badly.


It’s funny how nearly every film on Disney+ is prefaced with a warning that it contains depictions of tobacco use.

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Very much enjoying this. We watched ‘101 Dalmatians’ for the first time in a long time the other night so this is perfect.

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Harsh talk about Up here - even if you don’t like it much kids should see it so they can learn to never meet their heroes

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Secret of the Kells! :ok_hand:

Absolutely love 101 Dalmatians, the art style is wonderful, one of the best in any Disney film. The score is lovely, the human characters are all really memorable, it’s full of dogs, and it’s relatively fast paced and kinetic for a Walt-era film. There’s extras on the blu-ray about how all the madcap driving sequences look so good because they made 3D cardboard models of the cars and then photographed a stop-motion version of the sequence, then painted in the animation frames over the top. This is probably tedious to most but very interesting to me.

Interesting how Sleeping Beauty and 101 Dalmatians were made back-to-back and they each have a very distinctive art style, but basically no other Disney films have that sort of sensibility. They pretty much all stick to a general house style throughout the history of the studio. The only other one that comes to mind is Lilo & Stitch. Not a coincidence that they’re easily 3 of the best films the studio has ever made.


101 Dalmatians is amazing, and thanks to it being our kid’s favourite film for about a year I have seen it an uncountable number of times. She can sing the intro music with incredible accuracy. I think it’s a film with incredible charm. My favourite incidental character is ‘The Collie’, who we always call ‘70s dog’ in our house on account of him looking anachronistically '70s.

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101 dalmatians was my absolute favourite Disney film as a kid. I found the barking chain extremely moving and still think of it when I hear dogs barking at each other. Also loved how it was set in the UK just like I was set in the uk


Yeah I loved the idea there were famous dogs - the great dane at Highgate!


It’s that bit where they go through the counties that gets me. Like, this must be super important if it’s travelled from London to Suffolk.

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Loved it, and the other animals involved too :heart::heart: