Disproportional Outrage Thread



Some clown emailed one of our inboxes this morning to say that he was unable to access a form from the website and could we send him a copy of it so that he could complete and send it in.

Just over an hour later he emailed again to say this:

"Dear xxx xxx Team,

Never mind, after some effort on my part I was able to download a copy after disabling the macros."

He didn’t complete the form properly either.



That the word you’re looking for is “disproportionate”


I’ll agree my use is non-standard but I’ll fight you over this.

To the death.


When I kicked off about how the chicken was stacked in my freezer this morning.


Poorly loaded dishwashers
Toilet roll on the holder the wrong way round

Usual stuff.


Doesn’t really seem that outraged tbf


How was it stacked, Eps? Let me feel your pain.


nature of previous work, but once had someone headbutt me in the face because I couldn’t find their favourite disney vhs…think it was Robin Hood



I’m surprised at that, he always seemed like a good egg.


he shouldn’t have done that


thanks, this has improved my day yesterday


Your outrage seems reasonable.


yesterday? I was thinking of something else when I wrote that, something that happened…yesterday


Alright whichever one of the Beatles did that one.


I got off lightly, tbf, He later pushed someone in front of a car…think they were quite badly injured. He had severe mental health/learning dis tbf, and 99% of the time was really chill. 18 stone and made me quite…edgy


Last week my GF got up 20 minutes before the alarm went off to make us cups of tea and I got furious about it because I love being not awake. What a prick I am