If you could change one thing about DiS, what would it be?

I would make poll voters public by default. It’s a biggy.


Nesting. I really miss nesting.

Oh, and links to the main site reviews /news etc.


I’d stop people from being able to leave

God I miss @Balonz


Stop people calling everything they don’t like ‘Tory’. Does my head in.

Snazzy career test thing

Or ‘Brexit’. Shit got old about a year ago.


hover over the thread title to read the OP


I’d like the ability to delete my own posts! Or forever edit things.


Ooh, changed my mind.

The ability to mute users.


I would also like the ability to delete witches posts



Yeah I sometimes think this. But then it might be carnage. Replies wouldn’t make sense, etc. You might end up ‘liking’ something that later is edited to be awful (racist, sexist, something to do with Farage).



Love ya :kissing_heart:


These are all changes to the Discourse forum itself, rather than DiS. I think the community has changed for the better quite a bit over the last year.

That said, changing Like to ^This would be nice




Hmm… yes, this is a point. Just the power to delete would be good then. Like for example photos. I’ve thought about posting photos up of my big face but don’t really like the fact they’re there for all eternity unless you use an alternate website to post them ooooor you pester niki and theo to delete them.


Be able to make blank threads again


I’d like a downvote for posts because I think it would help beeves develop.


Yeah, I’m not sure why the mute function only stops @s and direct messages.

The developers seem think it’s nonsensical that you would want to spend time on a forum if there are any members who you completely can’t stand.


Don’t want to accidentally read a Jordan thread


Only let the boring ones make a max of 10 posts a day, or just bootem completely


I have looked but there are no settings on the poll plugin :frowning:

What we have is the compromise between the ‘let me edit’ types and the ‘I demand the comedy of people fucking up their posts’, sorry.

Unsurprising, beevemeister.