🤼‍♂ DiS's Top 100 Professional Wrestlers Results 🤼‍♀

Regal was a breath of fresh air around the turn of the century when things went really stale for me. He was a great heel as Lord Steven Regal in WCW too.

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Incredible ring strategist - to the point of obsession. But as a result of all that work he would give amazing matches.

Obviously Wrestlemania III stands out.

An arse, by all accounts, but fabulous up until the time he had to lose the belt back to Hogan.

Number 11? With a TEAR in my EYE!

The post-Rumble 1992 promo is probably the best of all time. As for Flair, I was never a huge fan of him, but can’t help but admire the length and success of his career.

Will be interested to see which 10 wrestlers DiS thinks deserve to be above Flair. Not many I would think.

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If Foley hadn’t been such a mark himself, I don’t think he’d be as remembered as much as he is. Now I look back on Mankind, he was a great character, but I just remember being disappointed that he wasn’t Cactus Jack.

Deserves to be in the top 10 - probably much higher. Gorilla Monsoon was referring to him as ‘excellence of execution’ way back when the Hart Foundation first debuted. He was also gifted at Battle Royals.

I didn’t watch a huge amount of WWF during his peak time, but he was phenomenal in the Hart Foundation.

Died tragically young, but he’s just a mid-carder for me.

When he debuted in 1990 he looked unstoppable. One of my favourite moments was watching the Legion of Doom (have they been in this countdown yet?) team up at the 1991 Royal Rumble to put him out - as it looked liken nobody else would be able to.

That Limp Biscuit / motorcycle phase was awful though.

Great in the Rockers, who were amazingly exciting to watch, and successfully moved on to be a main eventer. Not top 10 for me, but not far off.

Enjoying your recaps here even if they clearly only run on “what happened up until 1992/3” :wink:

If I had to guess probably… 10?


This is a bit unfair, Eddie absolutely deserved his main event push around 2004 up until his death, he was a fantastic wrestler and character. His matches with Mysterio in particular are incredible:

Even with a gimmick as stupid as this they put on a classic:

I felt that at the time but now looking back I love watching him and think he smashed it as a main eventer.

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Here’s mine

25pts Rowdy Roddy Piper
24 Adrian Adonis
23 Jake Roberts
22 Nikolai Volkoff
21 Legion of Doom
20 Demolition
19 Ron Simmons
18 Randy Savage
17 Andre the Giant
16 Curt Hennig
15 The Undertaker
14 The Warlord (singles preferably or Powers of Pain if they’re nominated elsewhere)
13 Steve Austin
12 Greg The Hammer Valentine
11 Bret Hart
10 Ted DiBiase (Million Dollar Man obviously, not his son)
9 The Fabulous Freebirds
8 Ric Flair
7 Mr Fuji
6 Jesse Ventura
5 Bad News Brown
4 Arn Anderson
3 Rick Rude
2 Big Boss Man
1pt The British Bulldogs (tag team only, not either as a singles - replace with Captain Lou Albano otherwise)

Durr, was about to reply and say I said “which” wrestlers, then I read my second sentence and realised I’d confuddled meself.

Also, sorry for replying to your post with my list :smiley:

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This is as main event as main events get

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Ha all good mate, lightly joshing :wink:

Now’s the time lads

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Have you watched the documentary about him on the network. Pretty heartbreaking when he’s having his last match, in front of about 12 people while he’s getting texts from Bryan on winning the title at mania and all.his dreams were ruined because he was honest on a medical. Glad it had a happy ending with him getting the commentary gig , otherwise it would be one of wrestling saddest stories ( which doesn’t involve premature death).

Never liked Michael Cole but he was the one who Nigel the chance , so don’t mind him now.

Still think a one of official retirement match against Bryan at a big PPV would be awesome. There is a big back story there to tell it. You know DB would want to do it.

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