#DiSSecurityDay: Times you've had a lapse in security and got away with it


I can think of loads of examples for myself:

  • Went for a night away and left the front door open (the neighbours came round and shut it for us);
  • Went away for a week’s holiday and left a single ring of the gas hob on low (came back to a warm kitchen);
  • When I was a teenager, left my bike outside the village shop and walked home (forgetting that I’d cycled to the shop);
  • Left the keys to my bike in my bike lock at Cambridge station (came back the following day and both bike and keys were still there).

What about you?


Pretty sure I flew from Schiphol to Stansted without going through any security checks once.


keep leaving my bike helmet on top of the bananas in lidl


Left keys in the front door many times. Considering my car key is on that fob and my car is in my numbered space that could have gone very wrong.

Also left [redacted] at a [redacted] at work once. Spent the next month expecting someone to find it and get me fired but I think the cleaners just binned it in the end.


I’ve an awful habit of putting the catch on the front door so I can wheel a bike out, then forgetting to put it off again and just closing it behind me and buggering off. Oops.


when dog sitting for my folks i left the house to go watch some football, came back 2 hours later and the front door was wide open, dog still inside.
Checked the house but nothing gone.


I was so excited to try Pokémon Go for the first time that I left the keys in the front door while I went off for a very long walk.

It was fine.


A few cars back I thought I had one that locked itself when you walked a certain distance away (with the keys of course). Even showed off about it.

A couple of weeks later someone explained to me that I did not.


One night after a night on the lash, we got to the end of our road and my now wife, then merely mistress, decided to go home, while i nipped to the local 'bab house for some pizza. I arrived home about 15 minutes later to find her collapsed across the arm of the sofa with the door wide open. Nothing untoward happened.


Jeez, the potential for disaster there!

You totally dodged a bullet.


that being said where my folks stay isn’t exactly a crime hotspot, and jackson knows when to bear his teeth :slight_smile:


Leave my car windows down all the time


Locked a bike up w without actually putting the lock around anything but the bike frame and got away with it about 5 times. Didn’t get away with it the sixth




Boyfriend once left a door of my parents’ car wide open while we were walking somewhere on the Isle of Wight. Obviously when we returned to the car it was still there, door wide open.


Left my back door unlocked for about a month recently. Even made a facebook status about it. I live in one of the worst areas in Derby, too.

Left the front door of my grandmas wide open and came down in the morning to it blowing gently. That was a bit of a wake up call as I don’t even remember that night, never remember getting home.

Walked back 2 hours from somewhere in a Glasgow suburb Saturday night, just followed the bright lights and happily made it to where I needed to be. Not the most sensible thing I did, but I have a reputation to maintain with that group so lone wolfed it.


Oh that reminds me - I did the same thing at Corfe Castle, in a car that I’d only bought the previous week. Car unlocked, keys in the ignition - even left half a dozen postcards on the car roof.

Seriously worry about myself sometimes.


Done this loads of times.

Best one was leaving the house keys in the front door. A nieghbour noticed and took them away after locking the door (and, i assume, having a look at our pants) and then told us when we got back we’d left them behind. We had gone away overnight too, so that was lucky. We actually became really good friends after that, so that’s good.

Left the boot of my car open once in the middle of Glasgow. Got my daughter and the pram out on one of our first solo outings and left it wide open in the car park. came back an hour later to find it wide open, nothing missing. Weird.


Was road tripping in Canada with a friend. We arrived at our hostel in Tadoussac quite late, parked up, grabbed a few bits but left the vast majority in the boot of the car. Checked in, had a few drinks at the bar then went to bed. Got up the next day for a hike, but went to car to grab some things, but only to discover the boot had been left open all night. Absolutely nothing had been taken!

Told this story to the hostel owner and he just laughed. The night previous when checking in, he said there was no need for keys at this place as the area was so safe. I didn’t believe him until the next morning obviously…


left my keys dangling out of the car door overnight once