Disser to Audio

For reasons I won’t go into I’ve just posted the whole of the Bed Blame thread into a draft email in Outlook and then got it to read it out to me. I found it mildly amusing.

Post your username into a text to audio app. Is the result funny at all? If so let me know.

Thanks for your time.

Sorry Colin but I don’t think I’ll be doing this. I am pleased it brought joy to your life though. Very pleased


That’s a shame because yours is quite good.

I just put my username into Google Translate and it detected it as Estonian.

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laelfy = Welsh apparently

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I appreciated the pronunciation of the Welsh Google bot reading yours out

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First word to audio app I used pronounce laelfy as lell-fy. That’s a new one.

Your Estonian one made me chuckle too.

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Just listened to this :joy::joy::joy:

Comes out as “colin zeal uck” or “colin zee luck”

Google has you down as Dutch and @plasticniki as Italian.

Damn. Finally someone’s seen through my cunning naming strategy.

my last post


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