Dissers who aren't actually dissers



People we are familar with, who form a part of dis but who don’t actually have accounts and maybe don’t even know of dis’s existence.

It’s been some time since we did this last time, so there are probably plenty of newcomers.

Balonz’s window man
Balonz’s full roast eater




Loads of people’s TVs.


Especially @chris-budget’s


meths’ upstairs neighbour


I have an irl friend who is friends with loads of people off dis and goes to dis stuff and knows all about dis but she doesn’t actually post or lurk.


The correct term for this is ‘diegetic’ posters fyi


Meo’s Dad


a bloke i worked with once who plays dis football but doesn’t post


Just wondering are there any tvs that aren’t aware of DiS? Have I got this all wrong…should DiS be a dirty secret?


Which one?


epic and raffles


i like this one


I like them both equally.






maybe @system has forgot their password


really disappointed that the edit on this post wasn’t by @system


Doug maybe? Was a couple years ago now


on a releated note it appears i am the only person on DiS that discourse founder codinghorror has replied to (dubious badge of honour)

Hey Everybody