DiSsers without little pictures



Obviously each to their own but sometimes you forget who people are due to this. I think you should get pictures

It’s 00.19

It looks like we could have more Moderators. Who would you like?

I’ve got quite attached to the magenta F


Quite like the letters. At least they don’t change.


Theo downs his whisky and stares out at the sea

What's your most-liked (non-heavy) post on the new site?

In this case the ceaseless heavy Melbourne rain.


Alright Neil Finn

(you said it was sunny yesterday)


Yup, yesterday sunny, today still hot but very overcast and it’s been raining for a while now although it seems to be slackening off a bit now. Just a heavy mizzle.




Not having that. Mizzle is standard English.


FO, C (cobber).

Song was clearly written about Auckland you cultural imperialist.



First time I went to that Melbourne, everyone I told came back with the anecdote “It’s four seasons in one day down there!!!1!”.

Seemed like it was a thing.


Come now guys, @infinite_jest @Antelope there is no need for fighting here:

There is ongoing debate among fans over the city as the source of inspiration for the lyrics. Both the cities of Auckland, where Neil Finn was educated, and Melbourne, where the band formed and wrote many songs, can experience substantial changes in weather and temperature in just a few hours, hence “four seasons in one day”.

Likewise, the line “the sun shines on the black clouds hanging over the domain” may refer to the Auckland Domain, or the Kings Domain in Melbourne. Moreover in both cities, many locals refer to these parks as simply “the domain”.

There have been no cited statements from Neil Finn or other band members to clarify this. It is of course quite possible that both cities were an inspiration, and the song simply expresses Finns feelings for both cities.



I was going to argue that obviously Tim Finn, who co-wrote it, lived in Auckland not Melbourne, and further adduce evidence that Weather With You obviously references Auckland (57 Mt Pleasant St), except that there’s a Mt Pleasant in Melbourne*. And Tim lived in Melbourne too. So 0-0 IJ, I guess.

*Mt Pleasant is in the suburb of @Eltham. How deep does this go?




Similarly, I am quite fond of the shade of yellow I was assigned and am not in a hurry to part with it.


In all srsness though…frequent picture changers can also receive ire from this thread


CBA sorry.




You can have pictures,sure. But if you like classic, timeless design, then a stylish typeface is where it’s at.