DiSsers without little pictures

I mostly recognise the letters but i confuse @no-class and @noise_ramones even though the colour is a bit different

i don’t give a magenta f


I have no idea what pcbe means. Shizzle == Snoop Dogg. Mizzle is a standard English term



Not sure how you and @zxcvbnm have managed to navigate the boredom of British weather chat without encountering it, TBH.

Must be much harder for colourblind users, TBF. It should do something more than just change the colour.

Because what everyone actually says is “drizzle”


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Drizzle is the English word, just because you’ve found something on the internet, doesn’t make it true.

That’s a different thing. A drizzle is heavier than a mizzle.

Mate. I had no idea you didn’t have English as a first language and I’m sorry for being so abrupt.


That said, I bet even @whiterussian knows mizzle as a word.

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I think you’re just making up different strengths of fine rain by putting different letters in front of “izzle”

Nah mate never heard of it, always managed just fine with drizzle ta


You have failed me.

  • mizzle is a real word
  • lol theo

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No need to get all stranbork about this

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I only heard of mizzle a couple years ago, think it’s an american thing tbh.

Mizzle and drizzle arent the same thing though


Middle English mate. It’s old. I only know it from my Lahdahn mates at school so maybe it’s just the provinces aren’t as good with the language.

Oh Eric

Derailed. Shut it down, mo…oh for fuck’s sake

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someone with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the works of robert mcfarlane should be able to sort this out (@noise_ramones?)

Ah, that would make sense