Dissertation advice! Please help

So I’m the process of writing a 7000 word dissertation for a Graphic Design Degree.

I’ve slacked a little and now I’m worrying about all the small details that I’m still unclear on.

I just read another thread on here that says 40 sources isn’t enough for a dissertation?

Do sources count as individual books, or the individual pages from books that we’ve taken information from?
If I use the same book for 3 various points throughout, is that 1 source or 3?

Please help, I’m freeeeeeakin’ out

I would say that one book is one source, especially if everything in the book is by the same author (ie. not an essay collection, for example). I would also say that 40 sources sound like it should definitely be enough, I definitely had less than that for my dissertation. Guess it varies depending on each uni and course and so on, though. Is there time to have a chat with your supervisor or something?

this is something that your supervisor or course coordinator would be able to answer in like two seconds for you

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