Dissertation Questionnaire


Hey everyone,

If you have a spare few minutes, please fill out this survey for my university dissertation. It focuses on how a fans perspective of an artist can be affected by an artists online behaviour and reputation

Here’s the link: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/99JQDX9





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Short and snappy, I like it.


Is how I view a person affected by how they’re presented and what they actively say/do?


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Done! Better than most of the questionnaires that people post on here. Good luck :slight_smile:


weren’t you one of the AQoS question masters back on old DiS?


I was! But you’re confusing a questionnaire with a quiz :slight_smile:


Done. Good luck!


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This is actually a really interesting area so I hope you get some responses to this.

Would be really interesting to see the distinction between ages if the data allows and attitudes towards artists’ social media behaviour. I would imagine older people like me are less troubled by bands etc. social media antics than younger people, and this points to a changing landscape of how we engage with musicians. All very interesting stuff - good luck with it!


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Done and done. There’s been a fair bit of chat on these boards on this topic recently, Azaelia Banks and Swans for instance. Good luck @paigedenn!