Dissertation Questionnaire

Hi all,

I am currently undertaking a Masters in Business Strategic Management and in order to complete this qualification, I am writing a dissertation with the title of:

The collection and use of data in music industry marketing for the European audience: a comparative study between the UK and Germany.

In order to assist me with this, I am hoping you are able to spend a couple of minutes completing the questionnaire below and would be really grateful for your time and opinion in order to help me with my studies.


I must stress that your participation in these groups and your contributions will remain entirely anonymous and the data I collect will be only used for the purposes of my dissertation.

Many thanks for your time.

Kind regards


To save us wasting our time, are you seeking only UK and German respondents, or people of any nationality?

Hi there,

Any nationality is fine.


Not sure if you want any feedback on the questions but most of them should be multiple choice, with the ability to rank answers where appropriate.


Would strongly agree with this statement

Ive done it but really this should be on the classfields.

Classifieds, even.

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