Dissertation Research - please help!

Hi there,

I’m a student in my 3rd year at university and I desperately need your help to fill out my survey, link here >>>>> https://surveyplanet.com/58a20f763655380ab864a034

The questions are all based around live and recorded music and how you listen, watch, play, and purchase your music

So please please please do me a massive favour and fill it out, it’ll only take a few minutes

Thank you in advance, your reply is greatly appreciated! ​​​​​​​:grin:

I started filling it out but there’s a lot of leading questions with really binary answers so i gave up

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Seems to be real music for real people that doesnt contain samples or autotune

I started but didn’t like the questions about authenticity, mainly because I don’t buy my music because it’s authentic (whatever that means…)

Unless it’s a reference to buying genuine products rather than fakes.

Why can’t I use a streaming service AND buy music monthly…?

Where does seeing a DJ play live playing recorded music fit into your line of questioning?

Oh Christ I’ve just got to the authentic tick boxes.
3rd year at uni…

Do I notice when artists use samples… hmmm :joy:

You got further than I did!

Authenticity is a vague concept to pin down. There’s the question that asks us to describe it, which helps, but construct validity is still problematic.

I got part-way through before I realised that this is really aimed at opinions on chart music, not all music. I value music differently depending on whether it’s being marketed for the charts or not. I don’t expect chart music to be authentic and only care if it has good hooks.

First time I’ve ever used my MSc in a DIS post!