Dissertation Research - please help!



Hi there,

I’m a student in my 3rd year at university and I desperately need your help to fill out my survey, link here >>>>> https://surveyplanet.com/58a20f763655380ab864a034

The questions are all based around live and recorded music and how you listen, watch, play, and purchase your music

So please please please do me a massive favour and fill it out, it’ll only take a few minutes

Thank you in advance, your reply is greatly appreciated! ​​​​​​​:grin:


I started filling it out but there’s a lot of leading questions with really binary answers so i gave up


Yeah, I also started completing the questionnaire but I’ve ground to a halt because I have no idea what you mean by “authenticity in music”.


Seems to be real music for real people that doesnt contain samples or autotune


Real people? As opposed to…fake people? Cyborgs? AI? Printer-copiers?
And no samples? So no hip hop? And how about electronic music? No Funky Drummer? No Amen Break? Nothing with Good Times?
That seems to randomly cut out a lot of blooming good music. I think I’d better wait to see if BNU2017 has anything to add. Or maybe just give it a miss.


I started but didn’t like the questions about authenticity, mainly because I don’t buy my music because it’s authentic (whatever that means…)

Unless it’s a reference to buying genuine products rather than fakes.


Why can’t I use a streaming service AND buy music monthly…?


Where does seeing a DJ play live playing recorded music fit into your line of questioning?


Oh Christ I’ve just got to the authentic tick boxes.
3rd year at uni…


Do I notice when artists use samples… hmmm :joy:


You got further than I did!


And why do I have to choose between live music and recorded music? I want both!


Authenticity is a vague concept to pin down. There’s the question that asks us to describe it, which helps, but construct validity is still problematic.

I got part-way through before I realised that this is really aimed at opinions on chart music, not all music. I value music differently depending on whether it’s being marketed for the charts or not. I don’t expect chart music to be authentic and only care if it has good hooks.

First time I’ve ever used my MSc in a DIS post!