Dissonance Radio, 18th September - The Mire Vol.XIX

Another episode of new and noteworthy black metal tracks, this month sees the return of the Epic Closer with a truly epic five part Western themed odyssey from enigmatic artist Wraithlord (for the titles of the five sections see their Bandcamp page).


Track list -

  1. Arcas - Elegy
  2. Boréalys - Spirit Lake: Le Cimetière Des Oubliés
  3. Nordicwinter - Autumn’s Last Mournful Whisper
  4. Dead Wasteland - The Greatness of the North
  5. Thy Light - A Crawling Worm In A World Of Lies
  6. …and Oceans - The Collector and His Construct
  7. Celestial Annihilator - Eternal Flames of Doom
  8. Wolves in the Throne Room - Twin Mouthed Spring
  9. Wraithlord - The Ballad of John Joel Glanton

For some reason I’d got it into my head that the Wraithlord release was an acoustic side project! Going to have to check it out now


No don’t let the word “ballad” fool you