Dissonance Radio - Admin Stuff Thread

Cheers for the insight!

Yeah for sure, will bear that in mind!

I think mixcloud is part of the problem, for whatever reason people aren’t inclined to listen to it. The podcast goldrush is another part of the problem, that’s what the vast majority want to listen to vs a radio show on mixcloud. Not sure if or when that will change.

Not trying to pour cold water on anything, but agreeing with Sean that it’s a lot of work and it’s very difficult to draw in listeners.


The station I play on was formed by a group of friends who posted on the forum linked to the Big Chill festival. In its last few years the festival was taken over by Mean Fiddler, who were in the habit of suing every other thing with the word Chill in its name, so we avoided that. Probably a good idea in retrospect given that the festival stopped the year after that

Can only speak for myself but if I get a handful of listeners just from the forums then I’d be happy and it’d be something fun and worth doing. Obviously if we can start something that goes significantly beyond the forums then that’s amazing, but I know that’s a long shot.

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Wasn’t meaning to pour cold water either. Just aware of how much work it is. How often there are DCMA takedowns.

The big problem is an abundance of options of radio, on demand radio, playlists, podcasts, 60k new tracks released every day, etc etc.

I’m really keen to do something that really benefits and supports artists. Elevating music to an audience, rather than getting frustrated by the lack of impact for anyone whilst hours of hard work and expertise and good will are poured into things.

If we wanted to create a weeklong stream of music, we could experiment with something like this. Allows us all to pick the music - would maybe give a sense of whether this is a good idea without spending hours sourcing music, storyboarding radio links, mixing, making radio stings, etc

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That was how I felt too but only 2 people replied when I posted about the show ending and there was only 3 clicks to listen to the archive

I was looking for something like this on Friday! Was suffering withdrawal after the DiS Song Contest thing and was looking for something fun for us to do. Might be a shout anyway independent of what we’re talking about here

hmm you’re not being very helpful here are you

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I would be well up for a Friday night bop or something, I have djay pro :relaxed:

Would we have to pay for music licensing?

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Yeah I think we would, I need to do a bit of research on costs and the admin side of things


4 clicks now…
The numbers on those mixes are pretty good by mixcloud standards, I’d be delighted with anything near 100?
Guess it’s all relative, in many ways it’s best not to think too much about play counts.
Doing it for your own enjoyment is a very solid base to start from.

I agree on Mixcloud being useless.

I managed around 60 listens per show, les the few outliers - tie ups with labels, DiS State, Twoism Records, Guest Mixes. The numbers were consistently fucking atrocious. And even then, I think it is because the app is dogshit and the website is tailored hugely to those paying to “boost” their show.

Mixcloud gotta earn somehow.

The thing is, my podcast RSS managed over 5000 subs before I ended it. Each week, when I uploaded, it was listened to by 100s more than would ever find it on Mixcloud, even when literally the only PR I’d do would be for the Mixcloud link. Wierd right?

If you want them to downloable as an archive you need to pay PRS. For years they had a flat rate Podcast license, and then changed it up big time to benefit the artists. This is now absolutely a minefield and, frankly, fuck it.

Hence why my podcast ended. I couldn’t figure out how to actually set it up.

That being said, Mixcloud now does Live Stream through OBS which is VERY useful, and I would have used it if MY Mac had been up to it.

I want in, but doing other things. Voice based stuff is where I’d love to work - doing a chat show, gaming stuff, whatever.


Let’s start a Switch channel $$$$$$
I’ll get my top off


‘Craic n Ceoil’ or ‘Ceoil Runnings’ for the title.



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Ceoil Runnings is perfect.


Hope this gets off the ground and would contribute some music thoughts and ideas.

Is the actual idea for it to be a radio show? I ask as that would be a whole lot more difficult than getting a podcast together and a podcast could essentially do the same thing?

For a podcast people could record stuff, or join together via a voice recording application of sorts and send the results to an editor.

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I was thinking of a station or platform for lots of different shows rather than one show or podcast. All up for discussion but the idea I had was keeping it quite free form and letting people contribute in whatever way they want. I’ve not looked properly into alternatives, but I think something like https://radio.co/ would let people do live shows, or pre-record and broadcast later, and then we can fill the bits in between with our playlists. Then if we wanted to we can push the shows to Mixcloud or as a podcast to all the various podcast services if that’s what people wanted to do so they have a life beyond the station as well.

Would be cool to be able to facilitate all the different ideas people have had here - specific genres, non-music stuff, solo stuff, collaborative stuff… whatever!


the mixcloud interface is quite shit