Dissonance Radio - Week 12 (w/c 22nd August)

Welcome back everyone!

Today we have a very special instalment of @suapth’s room two, featuring a guest mix from the one and only @GrandMoffTarkin! I’ve got it on now and it ‘slaps’ as I believe the youth say

Tracklisting here: room two - guest mix 001 by GMT - Dissonance Radio

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Hey, thanks for having me!

Some new stuff, some old stuff… some annoying mistakes, but generally a lot of fun to do. Hope it’s enjoyable!


I thought it was great! Blasted through my work this morning with that on.

You’re welcome back any time :+1:


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

Would love to do it again any time. Was actually thinking it would be awesome to contribute an all ambient mix at some point if that’s feasible? Something of a yin to that ^ particular yang…

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You could take over an episode of Ghost Signals if you like? The only rules are that it’s usually about an hour long and you’ll have to put up with me referring to you as the substitute caretaker and telling Twitter you found the tracklist in a deleted scene from a movie that doesn’t exist or something


How did you know?!

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That sounds great if you’re sure you don’t mind - don’t want to tread on any toes! (Or bring the standard down…)

I’d be very happy to have you - I know you’re a man of taste from the rolling ambient thread. And I’ve been meaning to reach out for some guests mixes to bring some variety into play so it’ll be nice to get the ball rolling with that

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Amazing, thanks! I’ll give you a PM later on to work out a date!


Speaking of Ghost Signals…

Tracklisting here: Ghost Signals #6: No One Is Ever Alone - Dissonance Radio


Tracklist here in old-footage-of-woman-skipping gif form for those who prefer their info delivered that way. And who doesn’t?


Giant animals #13 up for some listening. It even has some metal.


Here’s the tracklist if you’d rather look than listen…both options probably amazing fun for a Friday!


I need to go through all of your old shows because there’s always stuff I really enjoy but forget to find out what it was because I’m washing up or something.

Side note: Anyone else find themselves whistling along to the Giant Animals intro music?

Side note 2: Sorry we haven’t done a show in a while. Neither of us have been in a great place. Planning to record on Monday, then get back on track. Out audience of 4 must be wondering where we’ve gone!


Glad you like some of the stuff! The intro was one of @BodyInTheThames , so credit for that belongs with his magic hands.

Not had time to dip into Dissonance for a few weeks but didn’t take long to decide where to start on a catch up when I saw the playlist from @GrandMoffTarkin - loving the mix so far!


Latest episode of room two is now up!


Yes, excellent mix from @GrandMoffTarkin, really enjoyed that one.


Very kind. Thanks!