Dissonance Radio - Week 17 (w/c 26th September)

Morning, fancy a nice gentle start to your week? Unlucky. Here’s a new episode of The Mire!

This is a public service announcement: Today, for no apparent reason other than the capricious whim of the presenter, this episode contains NO black metal! I repeat: This episode contains NO black metal! The management apologises and asserts that this omission will be rectified before next time.

Tracklist here: The Mire Vol.7 - Dissonance Radio


Had Unfit for Human Consumption lined up for a future show, banger!

Generally needed more Blackwater Park on the station too


Garden of Light is an absolute all time tune isn’t it

just lovely


it is isn’t it? I sometimes think the last two ISIS albums are a bit unfairly underrated, sure they might not be up there with Oceanic or Panopticon but there are some crackers on In The Absence of Truth and Wavering Radiant