Dissonance Radio - Week 8 (w/c 18th July)

Kicking off this week we have an imposter!

@Mistersteve takes the reigns on Jazz/100 in the absence of @escutcheon. And this week we have scheduled…

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@Mistersteve this second track (is it What About Me?) is incredible. Wow

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It is. Worth looking up on YouTube as that whole set/session was filmed. Watching Larnell in action is…yeah.

Jazz/100 e2 playlist:

The Drum Thunder Suite - Art Blakey
What About Me? - Snarky Puppy
Introduction (Cuphead) - Kristofer Maddigan
Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) - Buddy Rich Big Band
Nuttville - Buddy Rich
My Queen Is Ada Eastman - Sons Of Kemet
Sugar/Tzu - Black Midi
Hymn To Freedom - Oscar Peterson Trio
Root Down - Beastie Boys
My Friend Of Misery - Kamasi Washington

BG: Radio Shack - Vulfpeck


Mixcloud is DOWN. Abandon all hope.

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One of the greatest keyboard solos of all time.

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Lingus, yes.

aah oops :joy:

I love the story that Larnell Lewis learned this record on the plane basically on the morning of the session because the original drummer couldn’t get a passport sorted.

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All covered on the show :grinning:

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:joy: I’m doing well eh. I’ll have a listen!

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Mixcloud is BACK UP.

Abandon all hope.


Wow, I’m so glad I didn’t do this week’s J/100 so fucking good

Yeah really really enjoyed it. In spite of a super stressful morning and really intense jazz not doing me any favours, it was banging

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Thanks guys. Think it’s likely to be a bit divisive but

a) I’m a drummer so went drum-heavy and
b) It was my one show :slight_smile: Wanted to get in ‘everything’ I like.


And today we have another instalment of The Big Ship Show from @riverwise!

It’s dubby, it’s chuggy, and you’ve never heard The Beta Band quite like this. Turn up the bass and lose yourself for forty five minutes


This is perfect vibes for melting in the heat today

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Surprise release today! It’s some good ol’ black metal (and adjacent genres) from resident expert @LastAstronaut

Tracklisting here: The Mire – Episode 2 – Dissonance Radio


Thoroughly enjoying Jeklectica #17 from @TVDenimChap this evening, includes one of those Oh Sees tracks you secretly never want to end :fist_right: :fist_left: