Dissonance Radio - Week 9 (w/c 1st August)

Morning everyone!

Bit of a shorter week this week for us, kicking things off with the 10th episode of Giant Animals! Can’t believe we’ve got 10 episodes of something

This week have the following, include a LIVE show from yours truly on Saturday (time TBC)

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@Badgerdeluxe great show, thoroughly enjoyed washing up to it. You’ve turned me on to Upper Wilds, love that.

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Going to be going live tonight at 9:30pm :raised_hands:


First person to reply to this post gets to pick a song to play on the show

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What would you like? Anything goes

Thank you very much. I would like Being Followed by Rocket Science, please.

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If anyone else fancies a shot at picking a song pls rt this thx

The last person to reply to this post gets to pick a song

T-minus 5 minutes


See y’all shortly!


For anyone who missed it

Thanks for listening! Was a tonne of fun


Wrapping up the week we have another instalment of THEMESONGS from @Gert!


Some belated tracklisting for anyone that missed them

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