#DiSStairsDay: how do you take your stairs?


One at a time? Two at a time? A mixture?

If I can take stairs two at a time, I will.


two at a time on the way up
one at a time on the way down


Very gingerly these days.


Will often do that jumpy thing of swinging on both handrails at work to take the last five steps.


How many stairs/steps are there in your house? 19 for me. Great thread.



I think there are 22 in mine: 11 from the ground floor to the first floor, a step up along the landing, and then another ten going up to the top floor.




57 to reach the front door


the people who live on the ground floor complain about us walking up the stairs too loudly…


Not on Stairbook


Up the bum.


Two at a time on the way up, one at a time on the way down until it gets to the penultimate stair in which case I will take the bottom two in one go if I am kicking off my left foot and landing on my right but will take them one at a time if kicking off my right foot and landing on my left.

Thanks for reading.


With milk and two sugars


Y’know where I really have problems with this - steps that are quite far apart, like you might get where they’ve put steps in on a hill in a woodland footpath just by putting in risers but the tread is just earth (like this)

The treads are too far apart for one step but too close together for two!


This is an excellent post, well-researched, relatable and very well-executed. I’m in full-agreement.



but on the way down it is a lot of fun to bound down one step at a time


I tend to run up stairs and jump down them, I cant help myself I just cant go up them slowly


There classic leaping stairs


I even looked up the terms “riser” and “tread” especially