Distance from your nearest fire extinguisher


Around 3.5 metres for me.


Dunno actually, but I’ve got a clear line to the fire exit from here so fuck the rest of you, I’ll be fine.


No idea. Doesn’t seem to be on in the office and I’m not sure I’ve noticed any around the building. There is a sprinkler directly above my head though.

Fire exit is about 20 feet away.


About 4ft (in one of the kitchen cabinets)



Have just been for a wee and can confirm there are both CO2 and Foam extinguishers located at the top and bottom of the stairs outside of the office. About 50 feet to the nearest one.


This thread deserves more responses. Am currently approximately 15m away from two extinguishers - one CO2 and one foam. There’s a further pair another 3m away through a door.

We had a fire alarm this morning, to the best of my knowledge no extinguishers were expended during this event.


We had a fire alarm test this morning. It’s been a few months since a full fire drill (when we get one of those I’m at assembly point D).