#DiSToiletDay: Supermarket / Work Toilet logistics question


Here’s the scenario:

You’ve gone to the Sainsbury’s opposite your work and picked up a 4-pack of Snickers Bars*. On the way back to your desk, you realise that you need a wee. The work toilets are on the way back to your desk.

Do you:

  1. Go back to your desk, put your food away in your bag / drawer and then go to the toilet, or
  2. Take your shopping with you into the toilet?

You haven’t got a bag to put your purchase into.

*or whatever. They’re currently £1, fwiw


Go in with them, put them by the sink.


eat the on the way to the toilet, shit them straight out


Multipack of Twix then. It’s the principle

  • This should have been a poll
  • 4-pack of Snickers Bars? Bit greedy

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Go back to my desk first, for optimum time wasting.


I’m not going to eat all of them today!


Unless I’m about to piss myself, back to the desk first. Just seems a bit wrong putting food down in the bogs, even if it’s by the sink or whatever.

Obviously could hold them in my teeth whilst doing the necessaries, but would look a bit odd.


Snickers surely doesn’t even come in four-packs. That’s WAY too much snickers.


Sling them under my arm, or use the cubicle and rest it on the cistern.


You’d betta believe it!


kill jester


What the fuck? Have you never been in a shop before?


Yeah I tend to not head right for the multipack-of-already-large-chocolate-bars section pal ;D


Ah yes, 41.7g is definitely a large amount of chocolate

needlessly_defensive ^this’d this


Easy there Marcofella


I don’t have pets or visit the pet food aisle, but I know you can buy it in many different sizes.


But Snickers

Like I can understand fudges coming in multipacks - there’s not much too 'em. But unless you’re giving your kids snickers in a lunchbox daily or something, that’s a shit load of chocolate to just buy speculatively. It genuinely doesn’t occur to me that anyone is out there buying a four pack of snickers to idly snack on.



is there somewhere else to hide them that is on your way to the toilets?


Marathons were 62g