What would the world be like if it was if it was under the governance of the good people of drowned in sound.

I reckon a terrible place where you’d get imprisoned for accidentally saying a word recently deemed politically incorrect, the cinemas would only show challenging art house cinema and the toast would be really expensive

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There’d be cycle lanes and relaxed drug laws.


Emergency tannoy systems will be re-wired to play In Da Club on loop between the hours of 7am and 11pm.

Huel for all


I got inexplicably annoyed by Lance Armstrong the other day. Mostly because there are people who might have been the best cyclist in the world at the time he was winning everything, who will never experience that as he was at the top. Taking away his glory is shit for him, but it doesn’t help them. Grrrr.

Same for any sporting drugs cheats. Pricks.

All bands would lose their fanbase as soon as anyone had heard of them

You’d wait 3 days for a bolognaise


Didn’t they reckon you had to go back to the 10th placed finisher in some races he won to get to someone not doping, though?

I mean it seems like he was best in a field of people doing the same stuff?

Oh, maybe. Maybe they should just have a separate sport for people who can take whatever they want, and see what extraordinary things they achieve. I’d watch that.

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@GrapeApe for PM.

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Thursdays would be exhausting. :point_right::ok_hand::banana::sweat_drops: