Has anyone here been diving?

I’ve got my PADI Advanced Open Water but I’ve only done 12 dives in my life.

Have to say though, the combination of feeling-like-you’re-flying and seeing all the life under the sea is pretty amazing.

I learned in Dahab and just got back from Lady Elliot Island on the south side of the Great Barrier Reef. Dahab was far better though.

I did a PADI course when I was on holiday in Turkey 20 years ago. I did Open Water and Advanced Open Water. It was great fun. I’ve never done it since.

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There was a five year gap between these dives and the last ones. Really made me realise how bullshit that PADI qualification really is. Our refresher dive was an hour. I couldn’t remember the name of the ‘jacket thing’.

Didn’t die though.

You could’t pay me enough to get down there, awful business.

Yeah I did about 10 days diving in Borneo a few years ago. Really amazing - like you say being able to move in any direction like you’re flying is an incredible feeling really. Will never forget it.

One very annoying thing that happened though is that whenever I came up after a dive I’d find that my jaw had locked and then would click intermittently afterwards. Think a combination of subconciously holding it in a clenched position over the mouthpiece and the change of pressure? Anyway ever since I have a clicking jaw - sometimes so slight that I don’t notice it but often audibly and, um, feel-ably (?) clicking away when I chew etc. Really fucked off about it to be honest.

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*Googles Thalassophobia *


Never heard of that clicking jaw connection before but who knows?

I do find myself biting down on the second stage far harder than is necessary though, does sometimes leave a jaw ache

Did snorkelling in Egypt and it was pretty amazing, especially where we got to one place where we just sacked off the snorkels and held our breath to dive under. Could see myself enjoying proper diving, looks like a lot of hassle though.

it took this thread rather than years of residual anger about it to prod me into googling it but look it’s a thing!

It is a massive hassle. You’re constantly reminded from the dangers described on the PADI course that we’re not meant to be there.


That’s part of the fun. You look around with child like wonder, everything from the experience to the wildlife is new and different from the usual.

Well I never!

Makes sense though, and feel lucky I haven’t had the same thing from the sound of the causes.

Yeah, PADI make a big thing about making sure you go on a refresher course and don’t just buy the book and re-read that.

I can’t ever see myself going unsupervised, so I’m not that fussed that I’ve forgotten how to work out all the oxygen consumption rates and dive times etc.

Diving over a wall was incredible though - it made you feel like a superhero.

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I tried one of those full-face snorkels for the first time recently - they make such a difference to visibility over the old sort that I used to use on holiday as a kid.

Apparently the dive time tables don’t get taught anymore, everyone gets a computer. The younger divers thought we were world wise because we’d learned the dive tables. I just felt old.

I’ve dived on The Great Barrier Reef and Navy Pier/Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia and that’s it. Fun, but I’m not 100% convinced it’s particularly any more fun than snorkelling…

Full face snorkels?

Like this:

Rather than this:

Gutted we won’t get a chance to see the Ningaloo, really wanted to spend more time on the west.

I know what you mean about diving / snorkeling, considering how awesome snorkeling is in some of these locations, you do wonder if the hassle is worth the effort.

Getting up super close is something snorkeling doesn’t have though.