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How handy are you and what have you attempted? Tell us your tales of woe/success.

DIY does not sit well with my perfectionist nature. Can never be arsed doing the prep properly and when shit starts to go a bit wrong mentally my brain starts to say ‘fuck it, it’s ruined now - might as well rush it.’ Nothing quite as dispiriting as some DIY that just isn’t quite right and you’re forced to put up with a botched job because of the effort and money you put into it and the lack of a guarantee that it’ll be any better if you do it all over again.

Not bad at painting but inevitably paint gets where it shouldn’t and where glossing is concerned there will always be a big sticky drip somewhere.

Reasonable at doing laminate flooring but the fiddly bits round radiators and the like are never right. If I’m doing a lot of it, like a few rooms in a shortish period then I’ve usually nailed it by the time I get to the last bit but that leaves all the shoddiness at the beginning.

Fixing things to walls is not a strength of mine and I can never get rawlplugs to work as they should. Plasticky twats.

Tomorrow I’ve putting down some vinyl flooring in a bathroom. I fully expect to fuck it up somehow but strangely feel reasonably confident and it doesn’t strike me as a difficult task but hey ho.

Anyway, enough about me…

I’ll give the same answer I’ve given in any DIY thread for about the last three years, and say that I’m planning to replace my internal doors soon. Maybe after I get paid this month?

Apart from that, I’d quite like to rip up the laminate flooring in the flat and see if the floorboards would look alright sanded down and varnished. If not, I’ll replace the current laminate with better quality stuff.

I am a total beta male, absolutely rubbish at DIY and usually struggle to assemble flat pack - father in law is a builder and usually does it all to save me the embarrassment.

Worst failure was dismantling our cooker extractor fan to try and fix it when it stopped working, only for him to find that some pans in the cupboard below were leaning against the power switch all along.


Borrowing a jet wash from a mate later.
Fucking love a good jet wash session


ALWAYS follow a differential diagnostic procedure with stuff like that.

90% of the time it’s something simple and easy to fix.

I put a felt roof back on the shed where my ex and daughter live. Felt very manly.

I have a love/hate relationship with DIY. I always find it’s much worse thinking about it than actually doing it.

Most technically challenging and rewarding thing was probably putting up a picture rail.
Having to measure each length, scribe the corner joints so they fit together neatly, put it up level, make sure it’s fixed to the wall and can hold up a picture… It’s a proper faff and took us ages but looks really good.

Always talk myself into thinking I can do stuff, from spending ages reading up on line, then start and think “oh god”

Well I’m off work all week so usually do something DIYish.

A few months back the cover fell off our cooker extractor fan. Being badly designed there was no way to reattach it, so we’ve had no light and no filter on the hood ever since. Yesterday I decided to try to take the unit out. After undoing a few screws the panel cutout that holds it came loose and I managed to pull it out, unfortunately snapping the cutout (basically a window frame shape of chipboard so fragile) in the process.

Fortunately when we moved in a decade ago I managed to destroy one side of our sink cupboard whilst plumbing in a new kitchen tap, so in our top shed we had a side panel from a kitcken cabinet. So yesterday I spent the morning sawing that to the rather tricky template for our cooker hood (including hand mitreing to make it sit flush!) and then drilling holes to screw it into place. And it hasn’t fallen down yet.

Now I have a new hood on order for tomorrow. Today I need to go to B&Q and buy a jigsaw and a plug socket (since I’m assuming it will come wired to a plug, whereas my current wiring is aan unearthed connection to a junction box). Then tomorrow it’ll be cutting the hole, wiring it all in and then hopefully having a working cooker hood again.

Lots of tools out this week.

I fucking hate it. Not good when you have an entire flat which needs redecorating.

We have three sheds, all felted. One of them has the same roof as when we moved in, the biggest one has been reroofed twice by “professionals” and each time the felt has been torn off by squirrels, and the batons have fallen off. The third one I reroofed myself about six years ago and is still in pristine condition.

i know, I’m a hero.


last did something 5 or so years ago, whole flat needs a lick of paint. been putting it off for ages. probably do it in September. probably.

I’m alright at DIY and putting up flat pack furniture and stuff BUT it never quite looks 100% good as if someone who was actually good at DIY did it. That annoys me a bit.

It would be great to talk about felt roofing over a couple of beers sometime.

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On a related note. How tragically brexit is this?

The vinyl floor was meant to go down yesterday but ended up painting and glossing the offending room. Went to start it today and decided the ceiling needs painted. There’s always something. Will update my progress, wish me luck.

Yes. The thing about DIY is it that it takes practice, IMHO. And I’ve not owned enough places to get good at certain things. Tiled a bathroom floor once and it looked crap and bothered me for 5 years until we moved. So I just got a tiler for the next place.

Love a bit of DIY. Just done up the lounge, will post some pics later in the furniture thread.

I’m okay - I was my own kitchen fitter last year. Reasonable with a drill, decorating etc. Find doing jobs I’m not used to doing quite stressful though - cutting worktops to size, holes for hob, sink etc was all pretty stressful - especially when I realised how not straight the walls in my flat are.

Think I know my limits now though - I won’t bother tiling, I tried sanding a floor once and it looked shit so I will pay someone now.

Knocked down the living room wall into dining room and put in some slide doors. Fuck tonnes of light and space now.

Just need to paint and jobs done imo

Also built a BBQ pit recently, which was quite simple tbh tbf

I finished a contract in December and didn’t have another one lined up until February so decided to finally tackle the big job I’b been planning of renovating our cellar. It’s fairly large (footprint of the lounge, dining room, hallway and small staircase) and looked like it hadn’t been touched in absolutely decades - first job was removing a load of residual coal dust :grimacing:

Took me every day of two months to finish and was absolutely brutal work. Looks decent now, but we basically just took a load of stuff out of the big loft and garden shed and stuck it down there instead so I’m not sure I’m really feeling the value. Wished I’ve never got involved tbh tbf :thumbsup:

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