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Finally put these shelves up properly yesterday after having them drooping off the walls for weeks.

First attempt I didn’t use rawl plugs and they just came away from the shitty wall.

Second try I used plastic rawl plugs but they didn’t work. Felt like going at the wall with a hammer.

Then finally tried some metal ones which seemed to have worked but I’m too scared to put any weight on them hence the emptiness.

I’m so shite at DIY.


Ooh this sounds cool. Also sounds a bit “oops, accidentally disturbed the final resting place of something I shouldnt have and now i’m accursed”


what is your wall made from? is it solid?


I have a droopy one of these in the kids room - I really don’t like them. Don’t feel confident putting anything heavy on - a proper bracket inspires much more confidence IMO


Definitely got me thinking about the history of the place (it’s 150 years old). For all the sense of ownership a home gives you, you’re only really passing through (exemption for Barons and similar dynasties and the like)…


It’s some shitty plaster, basically like it’s been made from crushed polo mints.


matches can be utilised to bodge a big crumbly hole into a slightly less big hole that will hold a plug properly

I’ve never actually done this - but I hear one solution to a crumbly hole is to pump no more nails type stuff into the hole - then stick your plug in and leave it to dry


It’s comforting to hear I’m not the only one have problems with them. Yeah I should just bite the bullet and get some bracketed ones or even take them down and get a fucking billy.


The absolute worst trying to put anything of weight into those walls.

Mistakes were made. Well one so far. Trying to get it round the toilet and I snipped off the bit that was meant to slot neatly on the other side of the toilet. Repair job looks alright. Could have been worse. Can you see the join?


no it’s a fucking ghost wall you idiot


Well let’s not kid ourselves, everyone can see the join but not unless you’re looking for it… probably. Best not to hoover too vigorously in this room.


If that’s not a solid wall, try hollow wall anchors. They’re flippin’ brilliant.


Daft mistakes made - one. Ease of job 12 out of 14 hammers. Anger at myself 15 beers.


You not worried about burning your left knee on the radiator while doing a poo?


I thought this was going to be about punk.

as it stands, I have put up some ikea stuff


"I didn’t build the fucking thing.” - that bloke from Terminator.

This is just an ensuite so, as it is next to bedroom, probably a poo free zone. There are other dropping off points.


What’s behind the plaster?


Beer is the approved reward for doing something that would be even more dangerous if you had drunk some beer first. I have now purchased my jigsaw (still not 100% sure I didn’t already have one) and my switch box and have wired in the latter. A quick test reveals I’m still alive, and that when I plug a lamp into it it comes on and no smell of burning, so I reckon I’m done for the day. Therefore it’s beer time.


Not sure. Should be brick eventually as it’s the side of the house but don’t know if there’s insulation in between or what.


If there’s insulation behind, you’d likely have a skimmed plasterboard, rather than solid plaster, finish on top.