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That’s just what I need!

(you’ve lost me)


If it’s a brick wall in an old house, it’ll likely have plaster applied to the brick. This could be anything up to 25mm thick in places, as it may need to smooth out an uneven brick wall.

If it’s a brick wall with insulation on the inside, it’s likely that the facing material will be plasterboard (usually 13mm thick), with a plasterboard skim (3mm) over the top.

If it’s a modern(ish) house, then you may have plasterboard on dabs, which is where the plasterboard is attached to the brick/block wall with sploshes of plaster in the corners. There’ll then be a 3mm plaster skim over the top.



Extractor delivered. A few judicious double-checks of the measurements and into the jigsawing quicksmart. Didn’t cut the jigsaw cable off, didn’t cut my workmate in two, hole right size.

Much swearing with screwing the bastard thing into the cutout though. Two person job, but now we can see how filthy our cooker is and blow our horrible kitchen smells at the neighbours again.

Prize: beer and tennis.


Trip to IKEA today. £200 lighter ugh. Getting a man in for a new bathroom and some fitted wardrobes. Bleurggh, being an adult is so bloody expensive.


Quite fancy making coffins tbf


Rigged a pulley thing on to the garage ceiling so my bike is out of the way

I couldn’t figure out a good way to attach the cross bar to the rims, been using some spare cable ties but I’m running out and it’s a waste.

Any suggestions? Doesn’t have to have any real strength, just be secure enough to hold the cross bar in place and not damage the rims. Tried some shoelaces but it’s a faff and one time the bar slipped and the wheel hit my bonce.


Does the cross bar lift up as you rotate the bike up?

If so, would make the cross bar into more of a ‘track’ by having another one, parallel to that, separated by a couple of spacer blocks.


good shout.

Yeah, I just chuck the rope over the crossbar, pull it up to level then tie it off.

Think I know what you’re getting at -

that sort of thing? Might stick some bolts through the spacers and wing nut then on. Probably doesn’t have to be a full length batten either then. Ta.


Exactly that.

I’d probably screw the batten/spacer/batten together, rather than drive a whole bolt through, but either way should work.


Don’t want to screw it if I have to keep dis & reassembling. Or were you thinking about having the whole lot underneath the wheel rather than sending the spacers through the rims? Would be worried about slipping with any lateral force if so.

Gonna go for summat like this I reckon



I hope you realise we all read that in the voice of Hank Scorpio. It adds a lot.


Not really DIY, but home improvement sub-chat which you can’t do yrself.

Talk to me about replacing STORAGE HEATERS.

We don’t have a gas supply in the property and nor are we going to get one. We have 5 awful-looking, old, inefficent heaters in our flat and I want to replace them either with newer storage heaters, or electric radiators. Does anyone have any experience of this? I’ve got some electricians coming over this week to give us some quotes for the work but it would be very handy if any DiSers had done this so you can share any helpful tips or knowledge you may have.

(Yes, I know heating the property with electricity will be most costly than gas but we don’t really have a choice and the flat seems kind of well-insulated so I am not too bothered about fuel costs in that respect.)


Am I the only bloody person posting in here these days?

(We decided to keep the storage heaters. Might need to somehow… disguise them. Hmm)

Anyway. Talk to me about laying laminate flooring.


Gonna pay someone to lay my laminate flooring, Quickstep probably, 3k…hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Hopefully having a builder SMASH down a wall soon.
Basically, proper people can do all the proper jobs and I’ll just do pretty painting


I’m pretty good at DIY. I’m going to attempt to plaster a wall this weekend!


yeah we’ve just bought some quick step to put in the bedroom. got some lighter QS stuff in the kitchen, looks nice.

according to everything i’ve read online it looks pretty straight forward if you have the right tools and if the room isn’t a weird shape (it’s not)


3k to lay some laminate?


That’s just for downstairs. Carpet (bleurghhhhhhhhhhhhhheurrrrghhhhhh) upstairs


Yeah, think our floor will need leveling/I’ll make it look shite