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we’ve taken the carpet up and the boards look pretty good tbh


Shit at DIY, good at snark:


Feel I’ve made some interior decorating faux pas by having the hallway/landing and all bedrooms the sameish colour. Different paints and brands but…

is marckee gonna tell me I need to burn my house down?


nah, that looks pretty nice

(we’ve gone for a grey, dulux pebble something? and will probably end up going the entire flat with it if we like it)


gonna keep all our walls white i think. hang art on 'em innit


Put some more books on my shelves and they haven’t fallen down! Yes that is a massive hole on the right on the top shelf (gonna buy some plants to put on it this weekend)


where’s best to buy paint then?
(not the games workshop)




Can’t believe you haven’t hung those cat runs on them


Yeah, gonna do grey in the lounge/dining room. Tried the pebble, thought it was a bit dark. Bought so many paint samples and got mixes made up and became even more boring and then just painted the house the same fackin colour


Nice DIY-ing.


that was my concern, but mr pn wanted to go even darker!!!

we’ll just see how this goes. what’s the worst that can happen, eh?


they’re already dangerous enough. cotton the other day tricked me into walking into the lounge to find him then jumped onto my head from on top of the door. any more air support would be lethal


All I know is, once I have finished painting a room, the absolute fuck am I repainting it for at least 15-20 years so…I’ll grow to love anything


I reckon I could do DIY if I had the money


Alright, here’s a really boring question

Got a structural engineer to do some calcs for knocking through a supporting wall. He did them, and because I spent lots of hours reading into it/am really arrogant, decided I thought I would know what kind of beam he would suggest. He suggested quite a small one. I had also been a bit concerned as he didnt initially want to look in the attic at the ceiling joists etc (other bits of wood at angles and that idkmate). I pushed aside my arrogance, and thought “seriously, you know absolutely nothing about structural engineering you fucking twat”.

Then the builder came round yesterday to look at the wall, the first to give a quote, and when I reminded him of the the beam size he was all "really?!!, that’s a diddy little thing…I mean, if he’s done his calcs…"
The builder also suggested he would put in a bigger beam if I wanted, which…probably isn’t a good idea, for building regs reasons/other factors

So don’t know what to do…poll time!!

  • Trust the Structural Engineer, a trained professional in his field…probably (I don’t actually know this, just that he was from a respectable company, could have been the chef)
  • Seek assurances from the trained chef’s manager
  • Get a second opinion from another company…for about £450 oooooooffff
  • This is the DIY thread, knock the wall down yourself
  • It’ll probably be fine anyway, houses never fall down, probably

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Phone up the structural engineer and ask him if he doesn’t mind double checking his figures. Say that the builder thinks it should be bigger and you’re worried about the builder taking you for a ride.

If you’re removing a supporting wall you should also be getting building regs approval. They would be able to check the figures as well.

To be honest, engineers have huge safety factors in their calculations, so it’s very unlikely that it would fall down. The more likely scenario that results from him undersizing the beam is that building regs won’t give you sign off and as a result of that your buildings insurer gets a bit twitchy.


Garden shit today, despite the rain. Splitting slabs is a hell of a motherfucker ain’t it?

One of the best things bout DIY is dangerously improvising at every stage. So when using a chisel to split a slab I had no safety goggles so just wore my shades. Good job too, wee bits of slab flying everywhere. Also made use of the various leftovers from the last house owner to make a jolly wee border and also used his kitchen floor tiles to provide a bed for some chips to go on. Every gamble paid off although I do now have a garden waste bin, filled to the brim with muck and it weighs a tonne. Sadly there is not a before and after pic, I don’t think. Will have a hunt because I know you are all on the edge of your seats.


keep going


No proper before picture, I’m afraid. But my garden is largely slabbed but there was over near the shed a wee bordered off bit. Sadly the bit didn’t get the sun, the tiny wooden border was rotten and the soil was very clay-ish and sticky. So it had to go. Lot of muck removal but here are some photos. Looks better than it did and cost me nothing but a tenner for a big fuck off slab splitting chisel.