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Thank you marckee, helpful as ever.

We will be getting building regs approval/sign off (something something previous indemnity issue something something it will be fine), though the builder suggested going through a building control consultancy company just because BC take ages around here, so they will check the figures and bring up any concerns I guess, but I guess that would also be dependent on the SE being correct in his assessment of where the floor,ceiling joists and rafters etc are spanning for the calcs to be accurate… Just thought it a bit suss that I was basically “I’ve left the ladder to look in the attic” and he said he didn’t think we would need to…and there were a couple of other odd questions he was asking me…whatdoiknowijustdontwantmyhousetofalldown


Just for you, @epimer.




No bother, as recompense you could, as it looks like it needs it, come round and creosote my fence (not a euphemism).


Yeah, I’d bump it back to the engineer and ask him to double check again.

Approved inspectors (the building regs consultancy that the builder has suggested) are good value on large projects, but unless you’re rebuilding half your house, you should be able to deal with it via a Building Notice to the council, rather than a full plans application, and I’d be surprised if the approved inspector worked out cheaper than that. Obviously, if programme is more important to you, or if your builder only has a small window in which he can do your work, then it might be worth considering.


Oh, and if it’s a supporting wall on the ground floor (eg a lounge-diner or kitchen-diner knock-through, then he won’t have needed to look in the loft.


Yeah, is on ground floor, so he DIDNT need to, but did anyway…maybe he just wanted to see the gun safe/box. It’s almost like IdontknowhwhatImtalkingabout.


Absolute dogshit at DIY. Recently the bathroom sink was draining slowly. In the past to my credit I have taken the underneath trap thing apart and poured a load of sludge out and job done. This time I tried the same but all the bits you untwist were stuck and needed to be squeezed open with some force. Then the fuckers didn’t want to go back together, the whole pointless labyrinth of pipes and connectors didn’t line up forcing me to waggle things about swearing all morning. Got it back together, still drained slowly, now it leaked from underneath. Fucking great. Took it all apart again, back together, better but the same and it looked like a seal underneath had perished so I called it a day.

Plumber came out and replaced the dead sink underparts, turned out the slow drainage was from a plant growing in an outside drain. One I had noticed for a while but put off removing because it was in an awkward place for a ladder. He just climbed on a wall.

The moral I find with a lot of things is I try and interfere, it fucks things up then I have to call an expert. I should have just done that to start with. Or removed the tree thing.


My DIY fail rate is slowly falling, but I’m still bad. My problem is diving into stuff without preparing properly. Classic example is wanting to redo the sealant on the bath. Simple job, right? Decided that I wanted to take the taps off so I could do it really neatly and mask everything perfectly. So peeled off the old mastic, took the side panel thing off the side of the bath, then realised that I don’t own a tap spanner.

Ring my Dad. He owns one that I can borrow. Sorted.

Four months later, the job is complete and we can use the bath again. Mastic did look very neat though.


Aye, experience has taught me that skimping on prep can lead to some disasters but sometimes going with the flow is a giggle too. Well as much of a giggle as DIY ever is.


My name is colin and I am a DIYholic. It has been 20 years since my last mains electrocution.


It’s far from the smooth finish it should be (I’m hoping sanding it will help) but I plastered the wall!


:clap: :clap: :clap:


If I even had the cajones to try plastering I’d be over the moon if that was the outcome. Seriously impressive stuff :clap::clap:


Thank you!


Never lived in a place in which DIY was really allowed, beyond the odd bit of painting/putting up blinds, etc.

Last time I went back to my mum’s house, her partner and I built a prayer stool out of a cherry tree from their wood, though—that was extremely fun/boojie af


Hello. I did this in our living room. Time consuming, but pretty simple - it slots together like a jigsaw.


FINALLY we nearly have ONE ROOM done. It’s only taken 7 months. Fuck.

Terrible photo but we did the last coat last night:

Flooring is going down on Sunday. Need to buy some scotia / beading for the edges: oak (to match the floor), or white? Probs oak, right?


think it’s better to have the beading match the floor tbh


thought so