DIY promoters of DiS, make yourselves known!

Been meaning to do this for ages, but I know there’s a bunch of us who put on gigs around the place. Perhaps we could get this thread rolling for any folks who put stuff on to share:

Promoter name.
Where you are.
Kind of stuff you put on.
Anything else.

I’ll start:


Down here in sunny Plymouth, Devon, UK!

Not really tied to any genre, but all our acts have a DIY vibe I guess. Put on Ekoplekz, Mighty Lord Deathman and Langkamer in 2022. Have put on The Space Lady, Calvin Johnson, L’Orchestre Du Montplaisant over the years…

Nowt to add to that really. I’m about the only promoter doing this kind of stuff in Plymouth since the pandemic, although likeminded pals seem to be starting up again which is cool. We have quite a good stock of venues in the town at the moment, so I intend to utilise them more going forward!


Set this up and ran it for 7 years in various forms, from an Ableton User group, through Cardiff EPN to its current incarnation. Have taken a back seat as far as booking goes these days and handed the reigns to people who can commit a bit more time to it. Still involved in a sort of executive way if that makes sense - that sounds very formal but can’t think of better word right now


That’s a great thing!

Cool to see it’s still going too. Dedicating to running monthly shows is a lot of work. I average about 4 a year at the moment but am trying to do more.

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Yeah, really thrilled that it is growing and carrying on beyond my input tbh. I didn’t have the time to commit anymore (kids, job etc) and I felt I wasn’t really doing a good job. Quite nice to be able to ditch 99% of social media too now that I’m not having to promo things. I can just occasionally host the networking events and enjoy turning up as a punter to the gigs now.


Haven’t put on any shows since circa 2010 myself, but great idea for a thread!


Similar to @allisfulloflove, not done anything for a long time, but I’m quite settled here now and financially comfortable enough to take the risk again, and the temptation is really high…

This was probably the highlight of my previous promoting career

(Got to the bottom of this to see it was written by a DiSer but I won’t tag them for obvious reasons!)


That looks like a great little fest!

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This was great.

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Haven’t put on any shows for years but we did this awhile back

Would be tempted to get back into at some point but it sort of depends on where I end up being based.

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who are people using for tickets now? always used dice previously but they seem to have removed the ease of registering events with them. big cartel? other?

I use See Tickets. Seems pretty good. They add 10% on each sale as their booking fee. After the event, you send them an invoice for the sales.

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Always WGT - they’re the best.


Slightly rando question but how quickly can you put stuff live on there? Does it take hours/days/weeks? TIA.

Hours normally, especially if you know someone who works there :wink:

But they’re generally very fast. From what I remember the slower bit is setting up an account in the first place but they’re super fast.

Nothing to do with me, but in case this thread serves as a useful reference, Divine Schism put on lots of lovely gigs here in Oxford and they seem like nice people


They are the best

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go on a short tour and book four DIY dates they said, it’ll be easy they said :woozy_face:

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