DIY stores

Lamp section is good too when they have them all hanging down and it’s like a sparkly lit up tunnel


Our local one is banging, everything’s much cheaper than your B&Q and he’s provided a shitload of Ppe to local businesses for free. It’s a hole in the wall really but always has everything you want plus shit for the kids. Love it, been in there a bunch during lockdown, you should see my splashback fixings.


Big fan of walking around the wood section because I like the smell.

I usually go to Wickes or Screwfix, as I find them a bit more useful than B&Q for raw materials and tools these days.

I’m going to make you all jealous now: I am a member of Selco as I am TRADE PROFESSIONAL

(actually, if you’re a freelancer, whatever your line of business, I think you can get one of their Trade Cards and shop there)

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Do you know that b&q have an app where you can see where in your store a particular item is? I discovered this last year after I spent half an hour wandering round a ginormous one.

Oooh no! This is great news.

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Went this morning for some wood. Showed the lad my measurements (heh), he pulled me out a huge sheet of hardboard, wrote me a note, said pay at the till and come back. Came back, stood there like a cunt for a solid twenty minutes, eventually asked another lad, cutting machine’s broke. Walked home with an 8ft x 4ft piece of wood, two miles, pissing it down.