Dizzee Rascal

new album and song -

its pretty lethal


Just wish he’d make a grime record tbh

this was great -

I rather like this. Yeah, not grime - but he won’t best one of the best examples of the genre. Just good to hear him rap without aiming for a horrible cross over hit. At least a step in the right direction.

True though I’m not sure rappity rapping was ever his forte. “Why are they so full of malice? Making up fallacies, I’m in my palace blazing up the chalice with Alice.” Like he just swallowed a rhyme dictionary.*

*See also: “Paid the cost to be the boss, ball and floss, Jesus died, he nailed himself into the cross”

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the beat is a bit generic here again but dizzee’s actually on top form - lyrically sharp and cutting, i like the fact that people are talking about it being a wiley diss track in the comments when it seems pretty clear to me that it’s self-reflexive

Yeah surely talking about himself. He sounds great here :smiley:

In fact he even says something like “People saying Ras what’s good, I never thought I’d see you in the ends”